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Expand Your Cigar Expertise

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Stogie’d is one of the fastest-growing cigar Websites out there. You want to expand your “brand.” Let’s help out one another.

You’re knowledgeable about cigars. Maybe you work at or own a cigar retail store, work at a cigar manufacturer, own/work at a wine and liquor store, sell cigar accessories—you get the idea.

You really know your craft. You might have a formal education in your area. Maybe you’ve been called an “expert” by others in the past. Heck, you might even think of yourself as an expert; that’s okay, believe us.

You want to spread your expertise; enhance your image. Maybe even get a sale or two in the process. Most important, though: You want people to learn more about whatever about which you have deep knowledge.

At Stogie’d, we can help you. And you’d be helping us, too. It’s one of those true “win-win” situations—a way-overused phrase, but one that works for us in this case.

You may already know we’re looking for bloggers, and that’s still the case. But we’re also looking for people who want to be known as being knowledgeable about cigars and areas surrounding cigars, but who can’t make the commitment to writing two or three blog posts a week.

That’s why we’re taking what’s called “contributed articles” in publishing and marketing. This is where you write an article (or a small series of articles) about the subject at which you have a lot of expertise.

Contributed articles are written like regular new articles; in other words, they’re not an advertisement for your service or product. In a well-written contributed article, though, your expertise shines through. That’s the real benefit to you—when readers are so “sold” on you based on your article, they’ll want to check out your product or service.

To help out with that “sale,” a crucial part the contributed article is the final paragraph, where you briefly describe yourself and your job or business. We’ll not only give you that, you’ll get a link to a Website and/or the opportunity to include your email address as well. Those who are “sold” on you and your expertise can then easily contact you.

Savvy businesspeople of all stripes use contributed articles as a part of their overall marketing strategy. Obviously, you’re savvy; otherwise, you wouldn’t even have read this far into this long blog post.

Besides running your article or articles, we’ll help you in your branding, by giving you access to the Stogie’d brand and logo. When you contact us about that, we’ll tell you about that access, and even give you ideas on how to effectively use it.

What does Stogie’d get in return? Quality content. Great articles. More prestige in this world of cigars that we all love. Hopefully, an even-bigger audience (for both us and your article). And, quite frankly, a bit of a break at writing articles every day.

At this point, you may be asking yourself, “Does what I do fall under the Stogie’d coverage area?” There’s way too many cigar-related angles out there to list them all, so we won’t even try. But … we’re guessing that if you’re already here and reading our other content, chances are good that our readers would be interested in your expertise, products and/or services. Also remember that we’re aiming to have a big presence in the cigar and tobacco trade, so you’re not just going to have cigar lovers reading your articles.

If you know how to write, great. If you’re actively blogging or writing at other sites and/or publications and want to expand your influence or name into a different audience, even better.

Don’t fret if you don’t write, though. Stogie’d Managing Editor Bob Woods has real journalism experience in reporting, editing and management. He can help you with your writing. Believe us, he won’t let you put your name on an article that’s not good.

If you’re interested, or if you have questions, use our Contact form and let us know. Whatever you do, don’t write a full article and then send it to us (unless you already have some written). “Pitch us” your ideas first, and we’ll work with you.

Of course, we reserve the right to say, “uhhhh .. no” to your proposal. If you’re proposing a “stop smoking” series of articles, for example, we’d say, “uhhhh .. no.” Chances are, though, we’ll work with you on your idea.

You, your writing and your professional exposure have a real chance to grow as we expand from a cigar blog to a full cigar community. Get in on the ground floor with Stogie’d … today!

Again, use our Contact form to get in touch with us.

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About Bob Woods

A cigar lover for many years, Bob is combining his appreciation for cigars with his experience and expertise in a wide variety of digital-related areas with Stogie'd. When he's not working on Stogie'd, Bob is creating all kinds of content for his company, CruxBridge Media. He is also vice president/general manager of Electric Advisors, Inc.'s residential division.


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