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Another coffee and cigars video

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… that pretty much kicks butt. Because we wouldn’t show you just any coffee/cigar video.

As the headline says, we’ve already shown you one video that’s coffee-and-cigar related*. Since we just stumbled across this video from our fellow cigar video-types up the virtual road at, we thought we’d show you another great cigar/coffee combo.

This video pairs both the La Perle Habana and the Cain with a blend of African, Cameroon and Central American coffees. They’re drinking the coffee both with a bit of sugar and cream and black. Will the contrast between the two cigar flavor profiles—mild/medium and pretty much full, respectively—pair well with the lighter and heavier coffee tastes?

We’re getting extra jittery just thinking about pressing play:

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Viddler video.

How much do we like cigars and coffee? Well, we have some pan-roasted coffee in da haus from our new favorite pan roaster, and we’ll be pairing it with a great cigar in the next week or two. So be on the lookout for that, both here and at our main Stogie’d site. Quick update: While we have some great-smelling coffee in da house from Johnny at BaristaOnDutY, it’s not the pan roast stuff. Still, though, it all smells fantastic and we can’t wait to grind it up and try it on camera!

* The host of the other video is definitely easy on the eyes, too. So … that’s two good reasons to click over and watch it.

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