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(UPDATE) All I Want for Cigar Chirstmas is …

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It’s been 10 days since we started our exclusive, no-one-else-has-thought-of-it (?) poll about what cigar lovers want to see under the tree or in their stocking for Christmas.

Before we wrap this one up (get it?) a few days before Christmas Day, we thought we’d update the poll results.

Before we do that, we wanted to let you know that you can still take the poll here: . We even created that special, easy-to-remember (and copy-and-paste) address for it, so you can pass it along to your cigar-chompin’ friends.

That being said, here’s what we’ve tallied so far:

Cigar Christmas Poll – Interim Results

(as of 12/10/2010, 12:01 AM EST)

Cigars (your daily or normal stick) – 16%

Cutters, piercers, scissors, etc. – 14%

Cigars (different from daily/normal, but not high-end) – 12%

Cigars (specialty/high-end brands: OpusX, etc.) – 12%

Lighters & related – 12%

Humidors & related – 10%

Ashtrays, finger cases, other accessories – 10%

Clothing (high-end themed: Tommy Bahama, etc.) – 6%

Clothing (logo t-shirts & hats, etc.) – 4%

Other 4%

“Tech” stuff (air cleaners, electric ashtrays, etc.) – 2%

Anything cigar-related, but not actual cigars – 0%

Nothing cigar-related at all – 0%

Of the above, a few things surprise me. For one, the “tech” category isn’t higher. C’mon, let’s face it: Most cigar smokers are guys*. Guys usually like tech. So I figured that cigar tech would be hotter this year than it is. Oh well … the poll isn’t over yet, though.

Also, cutters are higher than I thought. I knew they’d be in the top half, but not tied for #2. Maybe there’s not as many cigar lovers out there who own cutters and/or piercers as I thought. Or maybe it’s time for cutter #2, #3 … #14?

Most of all, the “Anything cigar-related, but not actual cigars” category surprises me a little bit. I can imagine there’s people out who have plenty of sticks, yet they know that everyone wants to get them something cigar-related. So they say something like, “anything but actual cigars!” Maybe I’m misjudging the inventory of personal humidors out there, or there’s just no such thing as owning/holding too many stogies … ?

The one that doesn’t surprise us? “Nothing cigar-related at all.” That was definitely a Catch 22 situation for us; if we wouldn’t have put it there, some wiseacre out there would have said, “what if I don’t want anything, smart guys?” And if we did, no one would vote for it. Oh well .. we’d rather be safe than sorry.

Voting will continue through Sunday, December 19th at 11:59 PM EST. Final tallies will be announced on December 21st (Tuesday morning), which should be enough time to give those who have waited a bit a chance to study the results and determine what they’ll buy their favorite cigar smoker for Christmas.

Again, you can take the poll here: . You can also click on the View Results link at any time to get an update on voting. And you’ll see the latest results when you vote as well.

Let us know your thoughts, and we hope your Holiday season so far has been a great, if not too hectic, one.

By the way, our 12 Days of Cigar Christmas feature starts next week. We’ll have one idea a day, right up until Christmas Eve. Watch for that! We’re still taking gift suggestions as well.

* Not all, I know. I try to include women in stories here as much as possible, because I know ladies like cigars. But the above point is definitely a “guy” thing.

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