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Cigar Christmas Gift Tips, Part I

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graphic of Cigar Christmas Gift Buying TipsYou want to buy the cigar lover in your life a great Christmas present. When it comes to matters relating to the stogie, though, you’re the first to admit you have no idea what you’re doing. We’re here to help!

Potentially hampering matters even further is that you may think your local cigar shop is filled with smoke and little gnome-like men who prey on the souls—and wallets—of people like yourself. You certainly wouldn’t want to go into a place like that!

Well, about the only thing that’s correct in the above statement is the “smoke” part. Even then, the cigar smoke is almost always confined to a cigar lounge that’s separate from the cash-register area or the humidor; the “floor,” as retailers call it.

In fact, you’ll likely find the local cigar shop (sometimes called a tobacconist) to be one of the most friendly stores you’ve ever visited. The staff are generally very knowledgeable  about their inventory and cigars in general, and are willing to help any type of person who walks in … from neophytes to “experts.”

Local cigar shops are so accommodating and inviting, in terms of atmosphere, that even other customers may give you some suggestions or ideas. Usually, they’ll be good ideas, too. Yep, it’s that kind of place.

With all of that in mind, let’s look at some tips you can use to aid in your quest for the perfect cigar or cigar-related gift for the connoisseur in your life:

Current cigar preference

If you want to get your cigar-chompin’ loved one something different from their frequent brand, all you need to do is find out is the name of their current brand. You need to be a bit cautious here, though, as a lot of the big brands out there have a lot of sub-brands that can range very widely, in terms of their flavors, degree of taste (mild, medium, full), and so on.

So you’ll need to be somewhat artful about finding out exactly what kind(s) of smoke(s) they like. Unless you have access to the cigar box and you can see the brand and sub-branding, you’ll likely need to ask. You can take the old, “A friend/co-worker of mine loves cigars; what kind do you smoke?” route.

Unfortunately, you can’t always tell the specific sub-brand from the band on a cigar. That’s the way this industry is; sorry.

With that information in hand, a good local cigar store or tobacconist will be able to make recommendations on similar types of stogies. And you’ll become the favorite of the cigar lover in your life (kinda creepy if that person happens to be an uncle or something like that, but you get our meaning).

Boxes? You don’t need no stinkin’ boxes

You may know what your cigar smoker wants, in terms of her or his favorite stick (another name for cigar .. drop it at your local cigar shop and watch the staff swoon!). Or you may be acting on the recommendation of a cigar-store worker or owner. Then you waltz into the store’s humidor and look at the price on the box.

After you pick yourself up off the floor—generally speaking; not all boxes are expensive—you wonder just what have you gotten yourself into.

We have good news for you. Usually, you can get a much-smaller number of stogies for your cigar-loving friend or family member. The generally accepted number is five; in fact, sometimes you can even get discounts on a five pack (as they can be called), depending on the shop. You can almost always buy as few or as many cigars as you want, though. You might even want to mix up the brands within your purchase (two of one kind; three of another). It’s up to you.

And depending on the brand and type of cigar, you might be limited in the number of sticks you can buy anyways. We’re mainly talking about ultra-premium brands like God of Fire and OpusX here. Besides, you really wouldn’t want to buy a box of those things, unless you’ve got stimulus money waiting for you at home.

Here’s Part II of this series!

Our 12 Days of Cigar Christmas feature starts Monday (Dec. 13)! Twelve days full of gift ideas for the cigar lover in your life. We at Stogie’d stand at the ready to help you with suggestions, so come back every day to see what we have in store (bad pun, sorry) for you! You can find all of the items as they’re published on this page.

Meantime, we taking a Cigar Christmas poll that’s asking cigar smokers what they want for Cigar Christmas this year. We’re running it to both see what people want, and to help out gift givers like yourself. You can see the results at any time, too. And you don’t even have to take the poll to see the results. Just click on View Results at the bottom of the poll window to see what cigar smokers in general want for Cigar Christmas this year.

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