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Video Review: OpusX Perfecxion #77 Shark

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For our first video review of 2011, we decided to go upscale with a cigar that has “celebration” written all over it: the Fuente Fuente OpusX Perfecxion #77 Shark. Or what we’ll simply call the OpusX Shark (’cause everyone else does).

Does the line deserve its stellar reputation? Is the Shark OpusX-worthy? We have more in this video review.

By the way, we paired this stick with Tuthilltown Spirit’s Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey … a libation we’ve already reviewed here (and loved) at Stogie’d. The question is, though, did it stand up to this firepower-laden cigar?

By the way (x2), we purchased these sticks at Signature Cigars in Rockville, MD. Thanks again for the help, Granville! (Wanted to say that in the video, but forgot.)

And, yes, our indoor set at our headquarters is a little dark. We’re workin’ on it.


The sweepstakes period has ended. Click here to see who won!

What do you think? Does OpusX deserve its reputation? Would you pay $20+ for a stick like the Shark? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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  1. @NickWiegand says:

    Nice review. I’m an admitted Fuente whore. I love the Anejo Sharks and have been trying to track down some of these OpusX sharks. Thanks for the opportunity to score some!


  2. keith1911 says:

    I’m really looking forward to trying this size. Hope I win!


  3. MoBarbq says:

    All I’ve ever had was a regular shark, #77. It was one of my all-time faves thus far, so would love to try an OpusX 77.


  4. Cigarjockey says:

    In 10+ years of smoking cigars…never tried a Shark

  5. Just saw this contest on twitter and thought I’d enter up. I’ve never had a shark of either kind but I’ve had several opus and a coupld anejo. I favor the robusto and xxx in the opus but that has a lot to do with what my local shop has carried since I started this wonderful hobby. Cheers to all and Happy new year.


    • That bourbon was also named as one to try in the most recent copy of gq magazine.

      • Bob Woods says:

        Michael – thanks for the reply. When I was in at Signature Cigars just before Christmas, they had all kinds of OpusXs (Opi?) .. was pleasantly surprised by that.

        I’ve had another Fuente stick that I reviewed here (Magnum R), and in a few weeks I’m reviewing the Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente KingB Sun Grown.

        And I didn’t know about the GQ article .. interesting. Glad I have the same tastes as they do.

        • Their mention of it was the first I had heard of it. Now that you have talked about it being tasty, I must sample. Looks like they have it at a few bars in Nashville so I can score a glass. Thanks.

          • Bob Woods says:

            It’s definitely not well known. I only found out about it because my local wine/spirits guy turned me on to it – I hadn’t heard of it prior to that, either.

  6. @theschmooz says:

    Love the Fuente’s, even the Curly Heads, great review, keep up the good work….

    • Bob Woods says:

      I was thisclose to getting a Curly Head … can’t remember exactly why I went with the Shark, but I think it had to do with the box pressing of the foot

  7. jakrell says:

    Great review & contest. Thanks

    • Bob Woods says:

      Appreciate it; thanks! We usually do one a giveaway a week here (unless I’m sick or on vacation). Our reviewed cigars won’t all be OpusXs, but they’re always good sticks.

  8. Mike says:


    Nice review. This stick is worth its price tag!

    • Bob Woods says:

      Thanks for the kind words. I tend to agree about it being worth the price tag, too. But like the bourbon, only for special occasions (for me, anyways).

  9. Lloyd L. says:

    I’ve smoked a Chateau Fuente Maduro and a Curly Head from the Fuente line but never had an Opus X (even though I have one sitting pretty in my humidor). They certainly have a reputation for being outstanding smokes. I hope I’m lucky enough to win (for the third time)! Great review, Bob. News, Reviews & Views can just simply be titled, “NRV”.

  10. Matt Maronna says:

    Great review and thanks for the contest guys.


    p.s. pick me!


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