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A Look Inside Davidoff’s NYC Store

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UPDATED // Not everyone can get to New York City and see one of the best examples around of a cigar shop … no, let’s call it what it is: A cigar experience. We’re talking about Davidoff’s flagship store on Madison Avenue in Midtown Manhattan.

If visiting this store is not already on the bucket list of every cigar connoisseur, it should be. And after watching this video from, I have now officially put it on my list.

While the store has plenty of Davidoff cigars on hand, they do have a lot of other brands as well. This particular video features Michael Herklots, general manager of the store. A very nice guy in his own right, and he does well on camera, too:

Update: In a previous version of this story, I had wondered aloud if this is the soon-to-be closed store or their new one (background on all of that is here). Michael Herklots saw the original story, and said this on Twitter:

@michaelherklots Fyi ths is R current store. New store 2 open in spring. RT @BobAtStogied: wnt 2 C the inside of Davidoff’s NYC store?

And here’s how I replied:

@BobAtStogied: @michaelherklots Thanks, Michael .. am putting that in the story; now I really can’t wait to see the new place, if this is your current one!

Consider it updated, Michael. I may have to board the Acela and head up there before this location closes. Then, of course, I’d go up again for the new store. One to scratch off the bucket list!

By the way, the current store is at 535 Madison Avenue. Sometime in the spring, it’ll move to the DuMont Building, at 515 Madison Ave.

NOTE: This story marks the first of many that puts the spotlight on the video efforts of other cigar news and information providers across the Web. As we’re all about video here at Stogie’d, we’ve decided to feature videos from across the Internet at the main Stogie’d site. These videos have been marked for public viewing and embedding at other sites, so we’re not stealing anything. And we don’t benefit from any advertising that shows up in the video itself or in the video player.

We’ll continue to feature videos at the Stogie’d TV channel, too. We also have a bunch of videos feeding into our Videos/Photos page at our “The Buzz” site as well … check ‘em out!

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