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#cigarrights – Tweeting the Insanity

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It’s a Twitter hashtag* whose time has finally come … to be used much more widely than it is now. Why? Simple: This. Is. War.

The hashtag we’re talking about #cigarrights. The reason why we’re pushing it so hard now is because of a certain little ban that was voted in this week by a certain megametropolis on the east coast of the U.S.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg already declared war on tobacco, a perfectly legal product, when he first implemented the city’s smoking ban in 2003.  Now, he’s dropped the equivalent of a nuclear bomb in the theater of operation by banning smoking in most outdoor places in New York City.

You read that right: Outdoors. Where smoke from a cigar dissipates in the wind faster than OpusX’s or habanos would disappear at a free giveaway.

Sooo … why?

We at Stogie’d are tracking the efforts of what we call the “PC Patrol” (because Cigar Dave already has claim to the phrase “pleasure police”) throughout the country and the world to tamp out our right to enjoy cigars. By the way, if the PC Patrol had a king? Yep. Bloomberg would be wearing the crown.

But we’re just one person (which, come to think of it, makes our use of various forms of the word “we” kinda creepy), so your help is needed.

Enter the #cigarrights hashtag. It is already in use, mostly by the organization Cigar Rights of America (CRA), in its uphill battle to quash the PC Patrol and its individual rights-limiting efforts. (On a side note, CRA’s Twitter account is @CigarRights, and a great Twitter stream to follow.)

Now, though, it’s time to greatly expand the use of the hashtag … because the other side keeps winning. And winning. And winning. We’ve got to stop them.

The only way to keep track of these people is to bring them into the hot, glaring spotlight of truth. While this site and all of the other cigar enthusiast-related sites out there that show these people for who they are do just that, we’re preaching to the choir. We need to get the word out to the “world” at large.

Knowing this, we’ve been on a bit of a campaign lately on Twitter in support of the #cigarrights hashtag; at times, even coming off a bit matronly (read: nagging) about it. But it’s important we do this now, because the other side is riding a huge wave of momentum after the New York City massacre. How do we do it? With Twitter and the #cigarrights hashtag.

How does it work?

Whenever you see a linkable story on the Web about this madness, go to Twitter and tweet it out with a link to the story. When you tweet it, make sure the #cigarrights hashtag is somewhere in the tweet. If enough people take this action on a daily basis, the hashtag might make it into Twitter’s “Trending Topics” area, gaining our cause some momentum and exposure.

If you’d like to go the extra mile, post a comment at the story to which you’re linking—assuming the publication in question has a commenting function, of course. Write about why you’re against the story. Also, put the #cigarrights hashtag into your comment, so that people who find the story from Twitter know that other people concerned about individual rights have read the piece in question.

Imagine the mountains we’ll move, and the PC Patrol’ers we’ll topple, if we all band together and start doing this on a regular basis. Oh, yeah. It’ll be good.

*A Twitter hashtag is a way to “tag” and track individual tweets, by putting the # (hash symbol) keywords to said tweets. People can use Google or Twitter Search to then search for the hashtag.

For our purposes, #cigarrights is the hashtag to track the PC Patrol, pleasure police, etc. as they try to snub out our rights to enjoy cigars through excessive taxation and/or enacting smoking bans. Go ahead … click here to be taken to a live Twitter search that already contains the #cigarrights hashtag.

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