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Cigar Rolling

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Rollin’, rollin, rollin’ … keep those cigars a rollin’ …

One of the big reasons why cigar lovers enjoy premium, hand-made stogies is precisely because of the “hand-made” part. In a world where so much of what we buy, own and even eat is never touched by human hands, it’s refreshing to taste and enjoy a product that’s made by craftspeople who really know their trade.

For cigar geeks like myself, it’s even cooler to see a cigar hand-rolled in person. When I had a chance to watch Sam Leccia of NUb fame hand roll some of his creations, you better believe I left nothing but a vapor trail to see him in action.

A vast majority of those who roll stogies for a living, though, aren’t celebrities in the cigar world. But like Leccia, they roll a pretty mean stick. Here’s two videos of the process:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

While we at Stogie’d think that a cigar doesn’t have to come from Cuba to be truly great, there is something great about seeing a cigar rolled from the country best known for its sticks, eh?

h/t: In the Humidor

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