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Jazzy cigars

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It’s Friday, and it’s also Valentine’s Day weekend. With those items in mind, we at Stogie’d decided to serenade you (and a loved one, of course) with a sexy, jazzy song. But not just any song. This song has to do with cigars.

Specifically, cheap cigars.

Back in 2004, the Kelly Rossum Quintet dropped an album of great jazz tunes, called Renovation. This song is a part of that disc. And it’s called “Cheap Cigars.”

With most jazz tunes, you can’t really tell why the artist calls a song what s/he does. It’s the same here, with “Cheap Cigars.” But when it comes to the song itself, the Jazz Police says:

[Cheap Cigars] has a laid-back late-night sound paired with hypnotic driving drums.

Kind of like sitting around a dusty jazz club with your significant other, listening to the band on a romantic Valentine’s Day date.

Okay, so maybe you’re not buying that imagery. No matter what, though, it’s a really good tune:

YouTube Preview Image

If you like this song, you can buy the album (yes, I’m old school) over at iTunes. If you’re really into this specific tune, though, you can download it right now by clicking this link. Yes, it’s legal. Don’t believe us? Head over to the Kelly Rossum site and check it out for yourself … the link is right on the main page, in the “Free Download” section.

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