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After months of tinkering, the scoring process for the newly renamed Puff, Rotate & Review show has finally been locked down. With these final changes, it’s going to be easier than ever to follow along — promise!

A lot of the actual “scoring” portions of the review show have been eliminated, mainly because we didn’t think they should influence the actual score of the cigar we’re reviewing. They were also kinda dumb.

From here on out, we’re only putting a number “score” to the following areas:

  • Light-up, or the initial flavor of the stick at its beginning;
  • Mid-stick, or the flavor at the mid-point
  • End of stick, or … I think you get the drift here;
  • Construction, or how the cigar held up: Did it need a lot of re-lighting? Did it burn evenly? Did the wrapper stay on? Were there any other problems?

I’ll still note my initial impression of the cigar just before light-up, but I won’t score that anymore. The other areas that I previously extinguished (get it?) — pre-burn, finger burner, etc. — are still gone, and will forever be banished from the ratings.

In addition, I’ll still average the ratings of the individual brand and vitola of the cigar in question at the end of the ratings. I won’t give a specific thumbs-up or -down on the stick any more, though. I think that determination is up to the individual watching the episode, based on her/his means. Although it wasn’t my intent, I think I was being a bit presumptuous in giving a particular stick a thumbs-up or -down.

I will probably have a few thoughts about this area that I’ll share at the end of the show, but I won’t presume to pass any kind of  judgment like that in the future.

All of that being said, I do think it is important to note the cigar’s flavor profile at the three points I’ve indicated, and in the way we’ve been doing so in the show from the start. I don’t think you can get the essence of the stick from just the first few puffs. So the structure of the show will continue.

And, yes, we’ll still pair our sticks with an appropriate adult beverage or other kind of drink in every show.

Who is this guy?

By the way, you may be wondering exactly who I am, to think that I can do this and brand myself as some kind of “expert.”

Well first off, I am not an expert; never claimed to be one, either. I just love cigars, and am anxious to share an opinion or two on the ones I buy.

My palate has been shaped from years of not only smoking cigars, but from tasting a lot of wines and beers as well. I don’t mean chugging down wine and beer (although that has happened from time to time); I’m talking about tasting them, taking them apart mentally and really trying to taste the different flavors in those concoctions.

I know this doesn’t put me up in the leagues of the people at, say, Cigar Aficionado. I only think that all of this decidedly self-taught experience makes me qualified enough to be able to communicate what I like and don’t like about a particular cigar. I don’t presume to be able to tell you what to like about a stick. I just hope my experience helps you to make an informed decision about a particular brand of cigar. Nothing more.

While my tasting abilities are continuously developing, I do have a long history of writing ratings and reviews for products … mainly in the techie/IT field. And I have previous television experience, which is why these shows have a bit more of a professional look, in terms of graphics, music and production values. The host, on the other hand … well, let’s just say he’s still more than a bit rough around his dumpy edges.

So until someone tells me I can’t do this anymore, I’m going to continue to smoke cigars and giving my opinions of them. I only hope I’m helping you in some way with my impressions of them.

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