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Paul Vato Cigars – Las Vegas

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When at a casino in Las Vegas, one expects to see a lot of things. We know … we’ve been to them, and have seen a lot. One thing we don’t expect to see, though, is cigar making.

If you head over to Binion’s Gambling Hall & Casino, though, you’ll be surprised to see a little place called Paul Vato Cigars. From the video, it doesn’t look like Vato Cigars has a ton of space. But the rolling that’s going on out front will tempt you to go inside to take a peek at their wares. Including their homemade cigars.

Plus, it’s Las Vegas — so you can actually smoke cigars inside a place like Binion’s. What a concept.

Take a look at this video from Cary K. Smith, a film student looking for “experience.” Well, Cary, you’re on your way. Watch a cigar being made right in front of your eyes:

Makes me want to hop over to a travel Website to book a flight to Las Vegas right now!

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  1. Michael Loughman says:

    i am an amateur cigar smoker. I usually smoke a couple of cigars on the weekends. Most of the time, I buy cheap cigars at Mr. Bill’s here in Las Vegas which does the job for me.

    But when I decide to treat myself…
    I really enjoy Vato cigars. I don’t go to old Vegas too often. But when I do, I love to get a quality Vato cigar (or two), and smoke it with a Sam Adams or one of the microbrews at Benny’s Bullpen.

  2. Minio says:

    I enjoy a good smoke from time to time. So when I just happened to go downtown with visiting family I was thrown back that right out of the elevator was a rolling table! I instantly forgot I was hosting guest and found myself in a conversation with Paul and Sarah. They were some of the nicest people I’ve meet in a casino store. After a good exchange of words I felt obligated to try a few Paul Vato Cigars. Much to my pleasure the sticks I got were full flavored, smooth, and burned very well. I try all types of cigars just for the thrill of something new, but Paul Vato Cigars have a permanent spot in my humidor cabinet. Oh yeah just to top of my hosting ability my family came back to see where I disappeared to, Sarah rolled them a cigar right in front of them, how’s that for a Vegas experience? Thanks Paul Vato Cigars.

    • Bob Woods says:

      What a great story … thanks for sharing it. I wish I would have had more information on the actual Paul Vato Cigars company when I plucked that video from YouTube; your comment is really what I was looking for. So thanks again!


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