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Cigar Photography: You Can Almost …

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… touch ‘em? Maybe even .. smoke ‘em?

That’s the whole idea behind cigar photography: To bring forth images in a two dimensional way that will make you want to experience the cigars in questions in full 3D, as well as with all of your senses.

I recently found two Websites that do all of that, and do it very well. After seeing the stogies on these sites, you’ll want to run out to your local tobacco store and buy ‘em all.

Our first site has a name that … well, let’s just admit it … is irresistible. So as the strains of “boom chicka bow wow” go off in your brain, head on over to When you get there, what you’ll discover is .. not what you might have been expecting.

Instead, you’ll see very well-taken photos of some of the greatest cigars out there, including Don Pepin Garcia Vegas Cubanas and Bonita 18th Anniversary Blend.

There’s two things I like about this site:

  1. Slideshows: You click on a photo, and it shows up in its own window at the site (not like one of those annoying Netflix pop-under ads). Then you can click within that window to advance forward or backward in the slideshow. Neat!
  2. Mobile site: has a special mobile site for the iPhone, Android and some Blackberry models. Unlike other mobile efforts I’ve seen, this one works well on my iPhone 3GS.

I found out about on Twitter from Matt Maronna, who said the site is just a way for him to share the pics he’s taken, and shine a spotlight on some of the reviews of the sticks he likes. “There are enough people that review cigars; I just wanted to show them off rather than regurgitate what’s out there,” he said.

Cigar Photography (

Our other site is the aptly named Cigar Photography, at This site contains stunning photographs of cigars, both in the box and out in the open. There’s two especially stunning shots I love: One contains the jet-black Cohiba Benke box with a reflection on the extra-shiny box lid; the other is of a gentleman enjoying a cigar. The expression on his face says it all.

I like the author’s attitude towards his site, too. Here’s some of his About page:

There are many quality cigar blogs in the WWW universe. Some provide great educational experience, some walk their audience through cigar aficionado’s daily smoking peaks & valleys, and some concentrate on descriptive and wordy stogie & libation reviews. My goal is not to become another statistic but rather deliver something that is slightly different and in some ways, unique. The birth of is not to introduce competition but instead, foster collaboration. I foresee pulling links from other blogs to supplement my photography and in exchange, interested bloggers can point to to supplement their rich reviews with my art work.

A great and refreshing attitude among cigar bloggers, some of whom can be … well … you know. also has spectacular pictures of some well-stocked humidors. It also features humidor lids, which can be as artistic (some would say even more so) than cigar bands.

If you love well-taken photos of the sticks and accessories that you love, you can’t go wrong with either of these sites .. or both of them, for that matter. Both sites are at their respective beginnings, too. Let’s hope these authors continue with their excellent photos. We’ll all be the better for them.

h/t to Stogie Reivew for Cigar Photography (

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  1. Bob,
    Thank You very much for your kind words. As you stated, is at its beginning but obviously this journey is set to continue for a long while …. fingers crossed :) You have a great project yourself. Keep up the good work !

    Jay @

    • Bob Woods says:

      My pleasure, Jay. It’s always good to point out new, great sites of interest to cigar hobbyists. It’s not all about text and video, that’s for sure. Good luck with it!

  2. Matt Maronna says:

    I appreciate the feature for Cigar Porn and appreciate what you’re doing here. Keep up the good work!

    • Bob Woods says:

      Thanks much! All of us cigar info provider types have got to stick together; although there’s quite a few of us who would disagree with that .. short-sighted people, IMO. Good luck with the project!


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