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What’s Hurt Cigar Rights the Most?

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Cigar hobbyists, enthusiasts, admirers and aficionados have been under assault for years from the PC Patrol — nanny-state fascists who think they can bully and boss around an entire segment of the population who pays taxes just like them, have inalienable rights just like them, and otherwise pretty much live like them.

Unfortunately, though, PC Patrol’ers either do have the power to restrict our rights, or they hold the purse strings over those who can and do affect our ability to enjoy a perfectly legal product. Thus, the cigar-rights movement was born.

While it’s difficult to nail down just 5 things or actions that have hurt cigar rights, we’ve put together a list that we think represents the Top 5 things that have hurt cigar enthusiasts the most.

We had a goal of listing 10 items, but it really seems like the five below really stand out the most. So with all of that in mind, here are the …

Top 5 things or actions that have hurt cigar rights

5. The New York City expanded smoking ban: It seems that the most recent anti-smoking action in New York City has galvanized and strengthened the PC Patrol’s drive to extinguish our rights to enjoy our favorite stogies whenever we want, wherever we want. At least the cops won’t be enforcing this part of the ban in the Big Apple.

4. Lumping cigars in with cigarettes: Smoking cigars is more of a hobby than something you’ve just gotta do. Cigarette smoking is an addiction that is also a public-health hazard. Cigar smoking is not. Unlike most cigar smokers, though, cigarette smokers tend to litter their butts everywhere and are indiscriminate about where and how they smoke. Plus, a cigarette smells bad; very much unlike a fine, premium hand-rolled cigar. Cigarette smokers hurt cigar smokers, and it’s about time we separated from them.

3. Organized, well-funded anti-smoking groups: They have the power, through groups like the American Cancer Society and even government. They also have the money; much more so than groups on our side, like Cigar Rights of America (CRA).

2. The original New York City smoking ban: The whole smoking-ban movement really gained momentum in 2003 when in one fell swoop, Mayor Bloomberg affected the rights of more smokers in a U.S. city than any other man by banning smoking in most indoor areas, including restaurants and bars.

1. Secondhand smoking studies: There’s a lot of arguments on both sides of the secondhand smoking issue. One thing’s for certain, though: To proclaim that the discussion is “over” about the entire issue is equivalent to fascism, and is only designed to shout down those people who want their right to enjoy a perfectly legal product. Let’s enable discussion, not quash it.

Do you agree with our list? What do you think has hurt the right to smoke cigars the most? Let us know in the Comments section!

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