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(FINAL) All I Want for Cigar Christmas is …


... your daily or normal stick. Then again, you're not afraid of change, either. That's what the final tally of the Stogie'd very, highly, painfully unscientific poll of cigar connoisseurs shows. Yep, that's right ... when it comes right down to it, we want more of the same. Or we want something different, but not really high-end. And don't forget ... we also want something to cut open the caps of our cigars, so we can smoke the darn things without having to use the old "teeth as guillotine" … [Read more...]

Cigar Christmas Gift Tips, Part II

graphic of Cigar Christmas Gift Buying Tips

Maybe you've seen Part I of our Cigar Christmas Buying Tips for neophytes series, and you want more. Since we're giving people and it's that time of the year, here's Part II, which deals with cigar accessories and the question of buying online versus from a local cigar shop. … [Read more...]

Cigar Christmas Gift Tips, Part I

graphic of Cigar Christmas Gift Buying Tips

You want to buy the cigar lover in your life a great Christmas present. When it comes to matters relating to the stogie, though, you're the first to admit you have no idea what you're doing. We're here to help! … [Read more...]

(POLL) All I Want for Cigar Christmas is …

Stogie'd Cigar Related Poll

... cigar-related stuff ... right? Maybe so ... maybe not. Those people who have cigar lovers (like you) as friends, family, husbands/wives, etc., might assume you want gifts targeted at the stogie aficionado. The question is ... would those who buy you gifts be correct in that assumption? Here at Stogie'd, we're curious about that as well. Through the Internet and polling technologies, we've put together a special poll for you with that fresh holiday smell, so you can tell us (and … [Read more...]

12 Days of Cigar Christmas … Ideas?

12 Days of Stogie'd Christmas .. Ideas?

(UPDATED 12/08/2010 with easier format for suggestions) We're launching a feature this year that we hope becomes an annual tradition: The 12 Days of Cigar Christmas. It's really a gift guide. And we need your help; mainly, we need ideas to fill those 12 days. We've also made a few changes to the format, after realizing that we'd be killing ourselves trying to fulfill what we set out to do with the original plan. This should make it easier for people to make suggestions, too. So if you said "I … [Read more...]