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(FINAL) All I Want for Cigar Christmas is …


... your daily or normal stick. Then again, you're not afraid of change, either. That's what the final tally of the Stogie'd very, highly, painfully unscientific poll of cigar connoisseurs shows. Yep, that's right ... when it comes right down to it, we want more of the same. Or we want something different, but not really high-end. And don't forget ... we also want something to cut open the caps of our cigars, so we can smoke the darn things without having to use the old "teeth as guillotine" … [Read more...]

Cinci Reds Reported for Celebratory Cigars


It's not quite "Smokin' in the Boys' Room," but it's close. After winning the National League Central Division last week, several Cincinnati Reds players celebrated by firing up, puffing and rotating celebratory cigars. The stogies were given to the players by Cincinnati Reds owner Bob Castellini. Everything so far sounds like boys being boys with no harm, no foul, right? Well, not so fast. Strike One: The players smoked said cigars indoors at the Great American Ball Park, and Ohio has an … [Read more...] Revamps Website


The owners of Website with a very descriptive name representing its original product line have made the site both easier to navigate, and easier to facilitate communication with the "outside world"—social media. sells—what else?—humidors. But the site has expanded in recent years to sell items like actual cigars, ashtrays, cutters and humidifiers. The new site will offer new features to help customers shop its products, including several navigation changes; the most … [Read more...]

Things that Tick Off Cigar Smokers


From the home office in Wahoo, Nebraska ... Yeah, don't worry. We're not going to start off these pieces with that cliche. It's been done ... to death. We will start them off with more than a bit of snark, though, because that's who we are and how we roll here at Stogie'd: Fast and full of sarcasm. One more thing. We aren't necessarily going for bash-you-over-the-head comedy in these lists. Sure, there'll be funny lines. But we don't want to bomb 50% of the time like the guy who started … [Read more...]