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Cigar Tobacco: A Video Primer


There's many, many things we really enjoy about the world of premium cigars. One of those things is the painstaking process a cigar goes through ... from the field, to production, to your store, to your humidor. And of course, let's not forget its ultimate disappearing act. So few items are handmade like cigars anymore, that it's a real pleasure to enjoy an item that has had so much human input. It makes one appreciate the fact that cigar making is a true art form. With that in mind, we … [Read more...]

Big Changes at Altadis USA


Imperial Tobacco Group PLC's Altadis USA unit is separating out its premium cigar brands from its machine-mades, and in the process is creating a new division for its premiums. As first reported by Cigar Aficionado, Altadis USA's internal changes are effective immediately. Altadis USA's premium cigar brands include the non-Cuban versions of H. Upmann, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta and Trinidad; as well as Don Diego, Gispert, Playboy, Saint Louis Rey, Siglo, Warlock and many others. Its … [Read more...]

Paul Vato Cigars – Las Vegas


When at a casino in Las Vegas, one expects to see a lot of things. We know ... we've been to them, and have seen a lot. One thing we don't expect to see, though, is cigar making. If you head over to Binion's Gambling Hall & Casino, though, you'll be surprised to see a little place called Paul Vato Cigars. From the video, it doesn't look like Vato Cigars has a ton of space. But the rolling that's going on out front will tempt you to go inside to take a peek at their wares. Including their … [Read more...]

Cigar Pro Sal Fontana Dies at 86

Sal Fontana photo

Salvatore Fontana, known as "Sal" to those in the cigar industry, died last Wednesday in his hometown of Jupiter, Florida. He had just turned 86. Fontana had been involved with cigars for 60 years, after a 2-year stint in the cigarette end of the tobacco industry. Most recently, Fontana was a top executive at Camacho Cigars. He was a popular figure in the cigar trade, having also worked at American Tobacco Co. and Carl Upmann, which later was changed to Baccarat. Cigar Aficionado (.com) … [Read more...]

#cigarrights – Tweeting the Insanity


It's a Twitter hashtag* whose time has finally come ... to be used much more widely than it is now. Why? Simple: This. Is. War. The hashtag we're talking about #cigarrights. The reason why we're pushing it so hard now is because of a certain little ban that was voted in this week by a certain megametropolis on the east coast of the U.S. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg already declared war on tobacco, a perfectly legal product, when he first implemented the city's smoking ban in 2003. … [Read more...]

Humidors We Love


If there's one thing a cigar lover wants to see, it's a well-stocked humidor. Even better is a display case that is well stocked. That's because it's fun to deplete (and replenish) the inventory. With that in mind, we're going to take a look at the humidors of The Cigar Nut, one of our favorite cigar smokers (and reviewers) out of the Great White North (that's Canada ... although it seems this week that most areas north of the Mason-Dixon line qualify for that name). He's got quite a … [Read more...]

CAO Chairman Hyams Latest to Exit

CAO Cigars Logo

The "out" door on the proverbial executive floor of General Cigar's CAO International is really getting a workout these days. Almost three months after CAO President Tim Ozgener left the cigar manufacturer, other top people have left the company; the latest being Chairman Gary Hyams. In a statement released this week, General Cigar said Hyams would leave CAO as the integration of the company and General Cigar Company is now complete. Hyams led the integration of the two companies along with … [Read more...]

Reynolds Selling Lane Limited to STG


Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG), which is 49 percent-owned by tobacco giant Swedish Match, said it will acquire Reynolds American Inc.'s (NYSE:RAI) Lane, Limited for $205 million in cash. Lane, Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Winston-Salem, NC-based RAI. Another RAI subsidiary, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., handles Lane’s sales, marketing and distribution through a services agreement. With the Lane Limited acquisition, STG will add sales volumes of 525 tons of pipe tobacco, … [Read more...]

Cigars: More than Just a Stick

Cigar in Ashtray (Generic)

Why is it that cigar enthusiasts break out into a big smile, whenever you mention "cigars" to them? It's because cigars usually mean a lot more to them than just a stick of wrapped tobacco. For his first blog post here at Stogie'd, Kevin Schuetz takes us back to his first cigar, and shares the reasons why he likes not only cigars themselves, but what they represent to him. … [Read more...]

(FINAL) All I Want for Cigar Christmas is …


... your daily or normal stick. Then again, you're not afraid of change, either. That's what the final tally of the Stogie'd very, highly, painfully unscientific poll of cigar connoisseurs shows. Yep, that's right ... when it comes right down to it, we want more of the same. Or we want something different, but not really high-end. And don't forget ... we also want something to cut open the caps of our cigars, so we can smoke the darn things without having to use the old "teeth as guillotine" … [Read more...]