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Sanity Returning to New York?


Some legislators in New York State may finally be recognizing that raising taxes doesn't automatically mean an increase in tax revenues. Those in the Empire State who buy cigars at tobacco shops and other retailers are currently socked with a 75% tariff on the wholesale price of cigars. That number skyrocketed from 46% last August, thanks to a move by the state legislature. My, how half a year can change things. Now on the assembly side, Michelle Shimel and Michael DenDekker are … [Read more...]

Cigar Sales and Minors in Indiana


Tobacco product sales to minors assisting with Indiana's annual Tobacco Retailer Inspection Program (TRIP) hit a new all-time low in 2010, but a bit of a surprise came from cigar sales to minors during inspections. TRIP officials said sales of all tobacco products during inspections combined occurred 3.8% of the time to minors. Most of the time, the minors involved in the program asked for cigarettes. In those cases, stores sold cigarettes to the youth 2.7% of the time. Cigars were asked … [Read more...]

(POLL) Another Social Network?

Stogie'd Cigar Related Poll

UPDATED with a lot of our plans // We at Stogie'd have been promising for awhile now that we're going to be launching a full social network for cigar enthusiasts and those in the tobacco trade. We've been surveying the "lay of the land" on the Internet, though, and we've got a question for you: Do you think the cigar community really needs another social network? Granted, the plan for our network would be to have a lot of features that other networks and bulletin boards don't currently … [Read more...]

A Look Inside Davidoff’s NYC Store


UPDATED // Not everyone can get to New York City and see one of the best examples around of a cigar shop ... no, let's call it what it is: A cigar experience. We're talking about Davidoff's flagship store on Madison Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. If visiting this store is not already on the bucket list of every cigar connoisseur, it should be. And after watching this video from, I have now officially put it on my list. While the store has plenty of Davidoff cigars on hand, … [Read more...]

Davidoff’s NYC Store Moving


A move is a move, no matter how long or short of a distance traveled between the old and the new. Davidoff's main store in New York City will find out about that fact of life, when it moves a block south from its present digs at 535 Madison Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. Davidoff is moving, partially because of the always-hot indoor smoking issue. The owners of 535 Madison banned smoking in the structure. Owners had also received complaints about secondhand smoke from the store, despite … [Read more...]

Churchill’s Cigar Auctions: Highs, Lows

Winston Churchill and Cigars

Recent auctions of cigars and other memorabilia once owned by Winston Churchill saw some highs and lows. Worldwide auction concern Christie's recently auctioned two separate lots of Churchill's that involved cigars. The first auction, which took place in late November at Christie's South Kensington location, included a four-finger cigar case once owned by Churchill that contained one of Churchill's last unsmoked cigars. That lot sold for £30,000 ($46,650 at the time of the auction), … [Read more...]

“The Buzz” Video Site Tour

Image of The Buzz (at Stogie'd) logo

Our newest sister site The Buzz now has something the other sites wish they could have (if they could wish for things) ... a video site tour. We decided to put together this video, because the concept behind The Buzz is a bit more difficult to grasp than our other sites. If you're already familiar with popurls or Alltop, you basically know what The Buzz is all about. If not, here's the video: You can also dig in a bit more to the site, from the description we stole copied-and-pasted … [Read more...]

Video Review: Arturo Fuente Magnum R


We may catch a little heat for this review. Not because of what we say about the cigar, but because of our handling of the name of this particular brand in the Arturo Fuente family. You see, most people know and recognize the stick I reviewed this week as the Rosado Gran Reserva. But when I went to the site late last week for my research, this line was called the "Magnum R." Being a journalistic stickler for this kind of thing, I mainly called it the Magnum R in the video. I might have … [Read more...]

Black Friday Cigar Deals


When it comes to the matter of buying cigars, don't get the idea that "premium" always means "expensive." As the economy continues to limp along, cigar prices as a whole seem to have stabilized. Sure, you'll still see hard-to-find stogies with prices that are so high, they're hard to see. If you can afford them, more power to you. If you're looking for great sticks at a price that makes your wallet happy, however, several online retailers are having Black Friday sales. No waiting in … [Read more...]

The Buzz at Stogie’d Launches

The Buzz at Stogie'd - News Feed Site Launches for the Cigar Community

Want to know what's "the buzz" within the cigar community? From manufacturers, retailers, bloggers, news sites ... even Twitter and video sites? The Buzz at Stogie'd has all of that and much more, with all of the information in near-real time. All at one site. … [Read more...]