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Video Review: Chateau Fuente KingB

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We've had a lot of success with the cigars produced by the Arturo Fuente family on Puff, Rotate & Review. Not only have we loved the ones in the past that we've had, but they've always attract a lot of attention ... especially for the giveaway we conduct with each of our PR&R episodes. How popular are they? When we reviewed the OpusX Shark in January, the related giveaway had the most entries ever for one of our sweepstakes. The discussion surrounding this stick was very spirited, … [Read more...]

Ratings? Si. Points? No Mas.


We've been making significant changes to our weekly(ish) video cigar review show at Stogie'd. We've gotten better graphics, bought a real music package, gone HD and shortened the length of the episodes by cutting out parts of the review. Now, though, it's time to cross a line I've been thinking about stepping over for quite awhile now: Dropping the points system altogether from the reviews. While I have specific reasons why I'm dropping them, I'll first let you know why this is happening now … [Read more...]

Cigar Photography: You Can Almost …


... touch 'em? Maybe even .. smoke 'em? That's the whole idea behind cigar photography: To bring forth images in a two dimensional way that will make you want to experience the cigars in questions in full 3D, as well as with all of your senses. I recently found two Websites that do all of that, and do it very well. After seeing the stogies on these sites, you'll want to run out to your local tobacco store and buy 'em all. Our first site has a name that ... well, let's just … [Read more...]

Books for the Cigar Library


When it comes to having access to cigar information for some, either the Internet either just won't do, or it takes a backseat to the good ol' fashioned book. Understandable, considering that enjoying a stick is a textural experience as much as a visual, which is also the description of reading a book. With that in mind ... There are a number of excellent books for cigar enthusiasts. Whether a novice or a seasoned cigar pro, there are informative and beautiful books that any stogie hobbyist … [Read more...]

Video Review: Frank Llaneza 1961

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The Frank Llaneza 1961 line came out about two years ago. But it's one of those cigars that doesn't get enough coverage nowadays in the cigar press and blogosphere, so we decided to give it a taste in this week's episode of Puff, Rotate and Review. Llaneza died in 2010 (although some of the promotional material I've seen at some Websites doesn't make that fact so clear). But he leaves behind a cigar that does his legacy proud. The stick itself is impressive, too: a very, very dark … [Read more...]

Stand-out Maduros


Sometimes, not just any cigar will do. Sometimes ... it's just gotta be a cigar in a maduro wrapper. Freelance writer Kieth Lewis brings us all of the different tastes a maduro can have — no, they don't have to be heavy — as well as some notable sticks. Dark cigars have made a comeback in recent years. Of course, serious cigar lovers have always enjoyed maduros, which come in rich deep brown or even black wrappers. But the novice cigar smoker should not assume that darker wrappers mean … [Read more...]

Video Review: E.P. Carrillo Core Line

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For the first episode of our newly (and permanently) retitled Puff, Rotate & Review show, we wanted to kick it off with a real bang. Enter Ernesto Perez Carrillo and his knockdown line of E.P. Carrillo cigars. Let's just say they ushered in the change with taste ... literally. You may recognize Carrillo's name from his former company, La Gloria Cubana. He sold La Gloria in 1999 to Swedish Match AB, and left the company a couple of years ago to start his own cigar company. While La Gloria … [Read more...]

New Stogie’d Video Programming

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We've been pretty quiet on the video front as of late. After a lot of hard work this past weekend, and a hectic shooting schedule coming on today tomorrow, we're fully back in the video business. We're so there, in fact, that we're announcing a name change for our weekly video cigar review show, as well as three (yep, three) new shows. With some key purchases of equipment and production elements (thank you, Santa), all of our shows will be available in glorious high definition — at the … [Read more...]

CAO Chairman Hyams Latest to Exit

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The "out" door on the proverbial executive floor of General Cigar's CAO International is really getting a workout these days. Almost three months after CAO President Tim Ozgener left the cigar manufacturer, other top people have left the company; the latest being Chairman Gary Hyams. In a statement released this week, General Cigar said Hyams would leave CAO as the integration of the company and General Cigar Company is now complete. Hyams led the integration of the two companies along with … [Read more...]

The Winner of 2 OpusX Sharks is …

The results for the Stogie'd Cigar Video Review Sweepstakes are in!

... Simeon Copeland (@theschmooz)! He wins two (2) of the OpusX Sharks we put in the hot seat in last week's Video Cigar Review. This particular edition of the sweepstakes had the most entries we've ever had for a giveaway, so thanks to all who entered! We'll be back in two weeks with our next cigar and review, which will be another one from the Fuente family. … [Read more...]