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Sanity Returning to New York?


Some legislators in New York State may finally be recognizing that raising taxes doesn't automatically mean an increase in tax revenues. Those in the Empire State who buy cigars at tobacco shops and other retailers are currently socked with a 75% tariff on the wholesale price of cigars. That number skyrocketed from 46% last August, thanks to a move by the state legislature. My, how half a year can change things. Now on the assembly side, Michelle Shimel and Michael DenDekker are … [Read more...]

Convenience Stores + Cigars = Strong Sales

Hand-rolled Premium Cigars

Cigars are the new black ... when it comes to convenience-store sales, anyways. The typical corner store, one category of tobacco seller that isn't necessarily top of mind for many who buy cigars, is now seeing double digit increases in stogie sales. The Convenience Store News 2010 Industry Report shows cigar sales at convenience stores were up 25% in 2009, compared 2008. The report cites innovations in the cigar-manufacturing industry, along with cigarette smokers seeking to pay lower taxes … [Read more...]

Light and Heavy Cigars, and Taxes


When a "little" cigar grows into a big-boy cigar, it avoids paying new federal excise taxes on its increased girth. As you can imagine, this has tobacco-industry critics in a bit of a tizzy. According to the Wall Street Journal, tobacco manufacturers are getting out of paying the taxman an increased tax on "little cigars," described as "filtered, often sweetly favored products that are similar in size and shape to cigarettes." How? The WSJ says: Some manufacturers responded by increasing … [Read more...]

Things that Tick Off Cigar Smokers


From the home office in Wahoo, Nebraska ... Yeah, don't worry. We're not going to start off these pieces with that cliche. It's been done ... to death. We will start them off with more than a bit of snark, though, because that's who we are and how we roll here at Stogie'd: Fast and full of sarcasm. One more thing. We aren't necessarily going for bash-you-over-the-head comedy in these lists. Sure, there'll be funny lines. But we don't want to bomb 50% of the time like the guy who started … [Read more...]