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Paul Vato Cigars – Las Vegas


When at a casino in Las Vegas, one expects to see a lot of things. We know ... we've been to them, and have seen a lot. One thing we don't expect to see, though, is cigar making. If you head over to Binion's Gambling Hall & Casino, though, you'll be surprised to see a little place called Paul Vato Cigars. From the video, it doesn't look like Vato Cigars has a ton of space. But the rolling that's going on out front will tempt you to go inside to take a peek at their wares. Including their … [Read more...]

Cigar rolling

It's about time someone got rolled ... again ... here at Stogie'd TV. As in, the roll of a cigar. We've seen some rollers already through these virtual doors; most recently, Sam Leccia of Cain / NUb cigar fame. He's definitely a "new roller," though .. not that there's anything wrong with that. Here's Orlando, another "new roller," at Chinook Cellars Cigars. Orlando, though, is a Master Roller. Glad to see that young people like both Orlando and Sam are carrying on a very old … [Read more...]

Review: V-Cutter

We're into all kinds of cigar-related accouterments here at Stogie'd TV. One of our biggies is cutters. After all, you ain't gettin' nowhere with a cigar, if you can't open the cap to smoke it. We've seen all kinds of cutters, too—from gold-plated scissors that look like they can take off bodily appendages, to the el-cheapo single-bladed jobbies that feel like they can't even slice through a sheet of paper. While we have our favorites, we're always looking at others. That brings us to … [Read more...]

Humidor Tour, Part II

Here at The Stogie'd Network, we loves us our cigars. You probably guessed that, though. We also love all of the items and knick-knacks that make enjoying a cigar all that more … well … enjoyable. Things like humidors, cutters, lighters, and even cigar-specific ashtrays. It's all about function, and looks. Our Spotlight video this week has function, and some looks, too. It's all about the important piece of hardware every cigar lover needs to store and protect her or his stogies: A … [Read more...]

Humidor Tour, Part I

A couple of days ago, it was "humidor day" here at Stogie'd TV. We showed you a homemade humidor, a really kick-butt humidor, and probably the best birthday present a stogie lover could ever get … a cake "humidor." Today, with the help of Doc Stogie Fresh at Stogie Fresh, we take things one step farther. If you're the ordinary cigar lover, you've probably wished for a quality humidor in your office or wherever you find yourself during work hours (your car/truck, at a work site, etc.). … [Read more...]

Retrohaling? Huh?

I have to admit, this one's new to me. Evidently, "retrohaling" involves a complicated medical-type word … that's where the "retro" comes from, and I'm not sure if I could spell the whole word it if my life depended on it. The "hale" is from "exhale" (much more my speed, thank you). If you think drawing oh-so sweet cigar smoke in from a stogie, bringing it through your nose (the other way), and "experiencing" it is too difficult, this technique might not be for you. The suggested … [Read more...]

Can't go wrong with Aria

We launched Stogie'd TV with a video of Aria Giovanni as our Spotlight video. Since we're kinda superstitious here, and we like good looking women, we thought we'd continue the "All Aria, All The Time" tradition this week with another one of her captivating videos. This time, she's lighting a cigar. While those who don't smoke stogies would think that lighting a cigar would be very easy, there is a technique involved. While I'm sure there's some out there who would like to try .. er .. other … [Read more...]

These are 'merica cigars

CAO is known, among other things, for its location-specific cigar lines—places like Italy and Brazil. They’ve now rolled out (a little cigar pun there) a line called the “America”—a two-tone beauty of a cigar that I recently had the pleasure of enjoying. You’re probably thinking, “How do they make a two-tone cigar?” Well, the fine people at CAO thought you'd want to know that. So they produced this video to answer that burning question (sorry, another cigar pun): Have you had … [Read more...]

And she clips cigars!

I'm not sure who this "Aria Giovanni" is, but she's hot enough to be one of the first videos on Stogie'd TV. The other is of an old dude smoking 14 cigars. That's how this site is gonna roll. Hot and old. With a lot of other stuff in between. Back to the hotness. I think she's showing us how to properly cut a cigar. While I know there's quite a few cigar smokers who can't cut a stogie worth a damn, I'm not sure they'll learn a lot from this video. I didn't learn anything new. Of course, I … [Read more...]