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What’s Hurt Cigar Rights the Most?


Cigar hobbyists, enthusiasts, admirers and aficionados have been under assault for years from the PC Patrol — nanny-state fascists who think they can bully and boss around an entire segment of the population who pays taxes just like them, have inalienable rights just like them, and otherwise pretty much live like them. Unfortunately, though, PC Patrol'ers either do have the power to restrict our rights, or they hold the purse strings over those who can and do affect our ability to enjoy a … [Read more...]

Cuban Cigar Sales Rise

Habanos box

Sales of Cuban cigars around the world rose 2% in calendar year 2010, as stogie-chomping consumers in the Middle East and China helped to offset declining revenues as the result of stringent anti-smoking laws being enacted in other parts of the world. According to Cuban state-run tobacco monopoly Habanos S.A., 2010's revenues reverse a downward trend in Cuban cigar sales around the world. Habanos reported revenues of $369.4 million in 2010. A boost in sales in China especially helped to … [Read more...]

Cigar Tobacco: A Video Primer


There's many, many things we really enjoy about the world of premium cigars. One of those things is the painstaking process a cigar goes through ... from the field, to production, to your store, to your humidor. And of course, let's not forget its ultimate disappearing act. So few items are handmade like cigars anymore, that it's a real pleasure to enjoy an item that has had so much human input. It makes one appreciate the fact that cigar making is a true art form. With that in mind, we … [Read more...]

Video Review: Chateau Fuente KingB

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We've had a lot of success with the cigars produced by the Arturo Fuente family on Puff, Rotate & Review. Not only have we loved the ones in the past that we've had, but they've always attract a lot of attention ... especially for the giveaway we conduct with each of our PR&R episodes. How popular are they? When we reviewed the OpusX Shark in January, the related giveaway had the most entries ever for one of our sweepstakes. The discussion surrounding this stick was very spirited, … [Read more...]

Ratings? Si. Points? No Mas.


We've been making significant changes to our weekly(ish) video cigar review show at Stogie'd. We've gotten better graphics, bought a real music package, gone HD and shortened the length of the episodes by cutting out parts of the review. Now, though, it's time to cross a line I've been thinking about stepping over for quite awhile now: Dropping the points system altogether from the reviews. While I have specific reasons why I'm dropping them, I'll first let you know why this is happening now … [Read more...]

CAO Vets Form New Cigar Company


Four executives of General Cigar's CAO International who left the company in the wake of a mega-merger have formed their own premium-cigar company in the same city where CAO got its start. Jon Huber, formerly director of lifestyle marketing for CAO, is in the process of setting up Crowned Heads LLC with three other CAO veterans — Mike Conder, who was senior vice president of marketing; Michael Trebing, creative media manager; and Nancy Heathman, graphic designer. As reported in Cigar … [Read more...]

Sanity Returning to New York?


Some legislators in New York State may finally be recognizing that raising taxes doesn't automatically mean an increase in tax revenues. Those in the Empire State who buy cigars at tobacco shops and other retailers are currently socked with a 75% tariff on the wholesale price of cigars. That number skyrocketed from 46% last August, thanks to a move by the state legislature. My, how half a year can change things. Now on the assembly side, Michelle Shimel and Michael DenDekker are … [Read more...]

Big Changes at Altadis USA


Imperial Tobacco Group PLC's Altadis USA unit is separating out its premium cigar brands from its machine-mades, and in the process is creating a new division for its premiums. As first reported by Cigar Aficionado, Altadis USA's internal changes are effective immediately. Altadis USA's premium cigar brands include the non-Cuban versions of H. Upmann, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta and Trinidad; as well as Don Diego, Gispert, Playboy, Saint Louis Rey, Siglo, Warlock and many others. Its … [Read more...]

Tips for Cigar Enthusiasts


If you're a cigar hobbyist, enthusiast, lover, aficionado and admirer (let's face it, you really can't be just one of those things), you've discovered that you're really one part hobbyist and one part ambassador, and at the same time constantly persecuted by what we "lovingly" here at Stogie'd call the PC Patrol. Don't believe us? Let's quickly break them down: Hobbyist: A hobbyist is a person who pursues an activity in their spare time for pleasure. As a cigar hobbyist, you collect … [Read more...]

Cigar Photography: You Can Almost …


... touch 'em? Maybe even .. smoke 'em? That's the whole idea behind cigar photography: To bring forth images in a two dimensional way that will make you want to experience the cigars in questions in full 3D, as well as with all of your senses. I recently found two Websites that do all of that, and do it very well. After seeing the stogies on these sites, you'll want to run out to your local tobacco store and buy 'em all. Our first site has a name that ... well, let's just … [Read more...]