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Video Review: Alec Bradley Family Blend


At holiday time, peoples' thoughts usually turn to family. So did ours; in terms of cigars, anyways. While we can't say that's the reason why we chose this cigar (it was actually chosen for us, in one of our two giveaways), it was an inspired choice, given the season. Also making it a great choice? The fact that Cigar Aficionado magazine gave it a 94. A 94! That's a score you usually see cubanos getting. We're talking about the Alec Bradley Family Blend cigar; specifically, the T11 brand. … [Read more...]

Coffee & cigars, part tres

We've been focusing a lot lately on the pairing of coffee and cigars. Two reasons: 1) We like the combo as an alternative to having an "adult beverage" with a stogie; 2) With winter coming on, it makes sense to pair a stick with a warm-to-hot drink. Our favorite on-camera coffee expert, Coffee Kween (a.k.a. Kaye), pairs a La Gloria Cubana Churchill NT (7" x 50) with a nice Vietnamese blend. Sounds delicious ... hope you're gettin' some good jitters as you click Play: For details on the … [Read more...]

Another coffee and cigars video

... that pretty much kicks butt. Because we wouldn't show you just any coffee/cigar video. As the headline says, we've already shown you one video that's coffee-and-cigar related*. Since we just stumbled across this video from our fellow cigar video-types up the virtual road at, we thought we'd show you another great cigar/coffee combo. This video pairs both the La Perle Habana and the Cain with a blend of African, Cameroon and Central American coffees. They're drinking the coffee … [Read more...]

Cigars and coffee

Generally speaking, we enjoy adult libations with our cigars here at Stogie'd TV. When we're not drinking, though, we usually enjoy a cup of coffee, or water in some form—still or sparkling/carbonated. While water cleanses the palate, coffee can add to or even slightly contrast with a cigar. Very enjoyable. Now, we have an expert on coffee and cigars. Better known as the Coffee Kween, Kaye hosts her own blog on coffee, cigars and many of the other things that make life worth living, like … [Read more...]