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Cigar Tobacco: A Video Primer


There's many, many things we really enjoy about the world of premium cigars. One of those things is the painstaking process a cigar goes through ... from the field, to production, to your store, to your humidor. And of course, let's not forget its ultimate disappearing act. So few items are handmade like cigars anymore, that it's a real pleasure to enjoy an item that has had so much human input. It makes one appreciate the fact that cigar making is a true art form. With that in mind, we … [Read more...]

Light and Heavy Cigars, and Taxes


When a "little" cigar grows into a big-boy cigar, it avoids paying new federal excise taxes on its increased girth. As you can imagine, this has tobacco-industry critics in a bit of a tizzy. According to the Wall Street Journal, tobacco manufacturers are getting out of paying the taxman an increased tax on "little cigars," described as "filtered, often sweetly favored products that are similar in size and shape to cigarettes." How? The WSJ says: Some manufacturers responded by increasing … [Read more...]