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What’s Hurt Cigar Rights the Most?


Cigar hobbyists, enthusiasts, admirers and aficionados have been under assault for years from the PC Patrol — nanny-state fascists who think they can bully and boss around an entire segment of the population who pays taxes just like them, have inalienable rights just like them, and otherwise pretty much live like them. Unfortunately, though, PC Patrol'ers either do have the power to restrict our rights, or they hold the purse strings over those who can and do affect our ability to enjoy a … [Read more...]

Philly, Boston Consider Outdoor Smoking Bans

graphic of smoking bans in Philadelphia and Boston

Philadelphia's "City of Brotherly Love" moniker apparently doesn't extend to those who enjoy a perfectly legal product. While Boston doesn't have a similar catchphrase, the same can be said of two councilors there. In Boston, Councilors Felix G. Arroyo and Salvatore LaMattina are, as the Boston Globe put it: ... proposing to ban smoking in public parks and beaches, carrying the decadeslong campaign to reduce tobacco use to some of the last remaining public spaces where lighting up is … [Read more...]

West Hollywood’s Expanding Smoking Ban

News graphic: West Hollywood Smoking Ban

Hot on the heels of New York City's expansion of its smoking ban to most outdoor areas comes news from the West Coast of a city trying to do much the same thing. West Hollywood, California's city council is examining the move "[i]n an effort to promote public health and limit exposure to second hand smoke," according to the city's official Website. Among other things, the legislation (in its current form) includes: Outdoor dining areas of restaurants would be covered, but outdoor … [Read more...]

#cigarrights – Tweeting the Insanity


It's a Twitter hashtag* whose time has finally come ... to be used much more widely than it is now. Why? Simple: This. Is. War. The hashtag we're talking about #cigarrights. The reason why we're pushing it so hard now is because of a certain little ban that was voted in this week by a certain megametropolis on the east coast of the U.S. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg already declared war on tobacco, a perfectly legal product, when he first implemented the city's smoking ban in 2003. … [Read more...]

Smokers Lose Even More in NYC

Fake highway sign: "New York City (Smokers not welcome)"

(UPDATED with reaction from Cigar Rights of America) // Residents of, and visitors to New York City have lost wide expanses of real estate where they can enjoy their perfectly legal product. The New York City Council voted yesterday to extend its already-strict indoor smoking ban to a wide expanse of outdoor areas in the city's 5 boroughs. By a vote of 36-12, the city will in 90 days start enforcing a ban on smoking in 1,700 city parks and 14 miles of public beaches. Boardwalks, marinas and … [Read more...]

Indiana House Passes Smoking Ban

Indiana - Proposed Smoking Ban

Smokers in the state of Indiana are one step closer to having the PC Patrol stub out their cigars and cigarettes, as a proposal to ban smoking in many of the state's workplaces took one step closer to becoming law. Exemptions are in line, though, for bars, casinos, tobacco retailers and other establishments. The Indiana state House voted 68-31 on Monday to enact the bill, which now moves to the state Senate for consideration. Rep. Charlie Brown, D-Gary, has proposed several anti-smoking … [Read more...]

Neighbor Sues over Secondhand Smoke


As if there weren't enough proof already of the PC Patrol's significant presence in New York City ... A co-op–dwelling family is suing their neighbor for $2 million dollars, over claims of damage from secondhand smoke. According to the New York Post, Russell and Amanda Poses say their neighbor has made their lives miserable with his cigar smoking. The Poses also reportedly have a son who has asthma. They also claim they lose sleep and suffer from headaches, chest pains and respiratory … [Read more...]

Exemptions Proposed for Indiana Smoking Ban

Indiana - Proposed Smoking Ban

Those who are concerned about smokers' rights in Indiana may have a "you win two; you lose the big one" situation on their hands. If a Wednesday night meeting is any indication, smoking in public places may be banned in the Hoosier state, but the state's casinos and cigar bars might be exempted. Indiana officials have for some time now wanted to ban smoking in public areas, including restaurants and bars. A major bone of contention, though, has been over the question of banning smoking in the … [Read more...]

Spain Bans Public Smoking

Spain - Smoking Ban

Confusion and surprise are being felt in Spain, as a stricter nationwide ban on smoking in public places firmly takes hold. But smokers in the European Union nation are said to be generally complying with the new law. Up until last Sunday, a number of loopholes existed in the previous ban that enabled smokers to light up in bars and restaurants, as long as the owners of the establishments allowed it. Now, though, the PC Patrol in the guise of the Spanish government has trampled on a person's … [Read more...]

La Aurora Hits “Broadway”

Broadway by La Aurora - New York

A second New York state-only premium cigar is being introduced in Manhattan tonight to tax-weary cigar lovers, courtesy La Aurora Cigars. Last July, the state of New York raised taxes on cigars from 46% to 75%. The cigar industry's response has been to introduce "New York-only" cigars, or sticks that are only available from cigar shops and tobacconists in New York state. The new "Broadway" series by La Aurora is currently available in a Sumo Toro size (5.75" by 54 ring gauge), but others … [Read more...]