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Survivor, and Handmade “Cigars”


The promotional line at YouTube written by an (unknowing?) CBS Promotions Dept. staffer for this video reads: "Rupert gets creative with banana leaves to make an after dinner treat." It's ... not what you think. If it were, it wouldn't be on this site. Rupert Boneham from Survivor: Heroes vs. Villans (not the season that's just starting .. an earlier season) explains how everyone uses banana leaves for a wide variety of tasks and jobs on the island. One thing we weren't expecting? … [Read more...]

World's longest cigar

Now here's a cigar that really puts other stogies in their place. I thought I had seen everything lately in the cigar stores and tobacconists I've visited as of late. Then, this video comes along and puts everything I've viewed to shame. To. Shame. Straight from the world's cigar capital of Havana (don't get ticked off, Tampa; I said "world"), here's the story of a simple cigar roller ... and his 45-foot long cigar. … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

We tried really, really hard to find a good video that somehow combined Thanksgiving and cigars. We failed at the "good" part, but we did find something that's ... um ... interesting ... ? Don't let this guy's low-tooth count scare you away from watching this video. (... and yes, we know Halloween was last month.) This was originally a placeholder video we had as our Spotlight Video over Thanksgiving weekend, because we took it off. Our intent was to get rid of it completely when we got back. … [Read more...]

Motorcycle + crash + cigar = a not-bad day

(Warning: NSFW language in video.) In the "don't try this at home" department, check out Mr. Daredevil. He pops a wheelie, and the inevitable crash takes place. He walks away (thank goodness), and enjoys the beginning of his sixth out of nine lives (we're guessing) ... with a cigar. This video is from ... because there now is a Website for anything and everything stupid thing a human can do to him or herself (a variation of Rule 34): This is usually where I … [Read more...]

Cigar Guy … explained?

He's really taken over the Internet, as well as all kinds of sports shows and other programs on the tee-vee. He's Cigar Guy, and he's holding hostage the minds of those who want to attract eyeballs to their sites and programs—heck ya, we're one of them. (If you don't know who Cigar Guy is, don't feel bad. Our middle name is help: Here's an explanation from our sister site, Stogie'd.) Cigar Guy is so big, that we've even changed our usual video-site credit image you see on the main page for … [Read more...]

Join in the Cigar Guy fun

Think Photoshopping Cigar Guy into a photo would be difficult? Or best left to an expert, like your 12-year old kid, niece or nephew? Would you like to, say, put Cigar Guy at the Hindenburg disaster? Maybe put him in the pilot's seat, or just have him looking at it, with that now-famous expression on his face? Well, we have good news for you: Performing this digital magic is not nearly as difficult as it sounds. You don't need a graphic design degree. Or a $700 copy of Photoshop on your … [Read more...]

More of Cigar Guy

He gets caught in one of the greatest images ever to come from the world of golf. Now, Cigar Guy's notoriety is taking off faster than the PC Patrol goes after baseball players celebrating a huge win by smoking cigars indoors. Yep, that fast. If you haven't yet heard of him, here's the story from our sister site, Stogie'd. If you have, you know he's really spreading like wildfire on the Internet. More like a virus (hence the popular term viral). With that in mind, we're presenting the best … [Read more...]

Cigar Guy .. the video

... to the right is one of several, actually*. The Cigar Guy has more-or-less become an Internet meme—a catchphrase or concept that spreads quickly from person to person via the Internet. Cigar Guy first showed up in real-life, in the background of a photo that had Tiger Woods as the main subject of the shot. Because of his distinctive look (the wig helps, actually), he's being Photoshopped into all kinds of other pictures. As of this writing, we're not sure who Cigar Guy really is. There's … [Read more...]