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What’s Hurt Cigar Rights the Most?


Cigar hobbyists, enthusiasts, admirers and aficionados have been under assault for years from the PC Patrol — nanny-state fascists who think they can bully and boss around an entire segment of the population who pays taxes just like them, have inalienable rights just like them, and otherwise pretty much live like them. Unfortunately, though, PC Patrol'ers either do have the power to restrict our rights, or they hold the purse strings over those who can and do affect our ability to enjoy a … [Read more...]

Tips for Cigar Enthusiasts


If you're a cigar hobbyist, enthusiast, lover, aficionado and admirer (let's face it, you really can't be just one of those things), you've discovered that you're really one part hobbyist and one part ambassador, and at the same time constantly persecuted by what we "lovingly" here at Stogie'd call the PC Patrol. Don't believe us? Let's quickly break them down: Hobbyist: A hobbyist is a person who pursues an activity in their spare time for pleasure. As a cigar hobbyist, you collect … [Read more...]

(POLL) Another Social Network?

Stogie'd Cigar Related Poll

UPDATED with a lot of our plans // We at Stogie'd have been promising for awhile now that we're going to be launching a full social network for cigar enthusiasts and those in the tobacco trade. We've been surveying the "lay of the land" on the Internet, though, and we've got a question for you: Do you think the cigar community really needs another social network? Granted, the plan for our network would be to have a lot of features that other networks and bulletin boards don't currently … [Read more...]

(FINAL) All I Want for Cigar Christmas is …


... your daily or normal stick. Then again, you're not afraid of change, either. That's what the final tally of the Stogie'd very, highly, painfully unscientific poll of cigar connoisseurs shows. Yep, that's right ... when it comes right down to it, we want more of the same. Or we want something different, but not really high-end. And don't forget ... we also want something to cut open the caps of our cigars, so we can smoke the darn things without having to use the old "teeth as guillotine" … [Read more...]

(UPDATE) All I Want for Cigar Chirstmas is …


It's been 10 days since we started our exclusive, no-one-else-has-thought-of-it (?) poll about what cigar lovers want to see under the tree or in their stocking for Christmas. Before we wrap this one up (get it?) a few days before Christmas Day, we thought we'd update the poll results. Before we do that, we wanted to let you know that you can still take the poll here: . We even created that special, easy-to-remember (and copy-and-paste) address for it, so … [Read more...]

(POLL) All I Want for Cigar Christmas is …

Stogie'd Cigar Related Poll

... cigar-related stuff ... right? Maybe so ... maybe not. Those people who have cigar lovers (like you) as friends, family, husbands/wives, etc., might assume you want gifts targeted at the stogie aficionado. The question is ... would those who buy you gifts be correct in that assumption? Here at Stogie'd, we're curious about that as well. Through the Internet and polling technologies, we've put together a special poll for you with that fresh holiday smell, so you can tell us (and … [Read more...]

Does Size Really Matter?

Stogie'd Cigar Related Poll

When it comes to cigar size, are you old school in your size selections? Or are you liking the new sizes and shapes coming from manufacturers? That's this week's Stogie'd Poll Question. Lately I've noticed that my personal cigar is trending on the larger size. And by larger, I mean a thicker ring gauge. Considering my history with cigars, that's an interesting point. When I first started enjoying cigars about a lifetime ago (we're talking 1987 here), I began with little ascot-sized sticks … [Read more...]

Ten Cigars Every Aficionado Should Have


To the authentic cigar aficionado, a cigar—even a casual one—is never simply a cigar. It's a very special time. A ceremony, if you will. Party for one, thank you very much. Ready to expand your horizons? Here's a list of ten cigars every aficionado should have. (Editor's Note: All links below go to either the manufacturer's Website for the particular cigar, or to a link on the first page of a Google search for the stick in question.) Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Torpedo Maduro These … [Read more...]

Review: Cigar iPhone/iPad Apps


Whenever I'm enjoying a cigar, I usually have my phone with me .. an iPhone. Usually it's there so I can "chat" with other BOTL'ers on Twitter*. Other times, I'm making fun of my friends' status updates on Facebook. I usually have Sirius XM or other Internet radio stations playing, too. When it comes to apps .. those nifty little programs you can put on phones, as well as things like the iPad and iPod Touch .. I'm actually the type of guy who uses few of them. But the ones I do have get a … [Read more...]

Cigars and Anti-Smoking Laws [POLL]

Stogie'd Cigar Related Poll

The ongoing headlines about new anti-smoking laws, as well as tobacco tax hikes aimed at both raising revenues and cutting smoking rates, are not diminishing one iota. More than ever, governments around the world at every level (federal, regional and municipal) are both taking their cut of tobacco sales and trying to reduce the number of people who smoke. This brings up an interesting point, when it comes to cigars. Most cigar lovers don't smoke cigars in the same way an addicted cigarette … [Read more...]