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Smokers Win in Two Cities

A generic news graphic of smoking bans, with a cigar.

Monrovia, CA and Joplin, MO may not be in the same league as New York City or San Francisco, in terms of size. Those who enjoy the fully legal product of tobacco, though, have reasons to sing "I left my heart in Monrovia" or "Jop-lin, Jop-lin," as proposals to limit—or further limit—smoking in those cities have been defeated. Monrovia, CA: Public Park Smoking Ban Scrapped Statistics Population: 37,523 Nearest large cities: Pasadena, Los Angeles Known for: The Upton Sinclair House, … [Read more...]

Union City, Tulsa Up Next for Bans

A generic news graphic of smoking bans, with a cigar.

Two more U.S. cities step into the smoking-ban spotlight, as PC Patrol forces in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Union City, California either try to or succeed in trampling on the rights of smokers to enjoy a perfectly legal product. Tulsa Talks Smoking Ban Officials in Tulsa will attempt to one-up the state of Oklahoma, in their fight against smoking in public places. An announcement expected today from legislators and health groups will call for the repeal of state laws that prevent cities and town … [Read more...]

Smoking Bans Under Fire


Smoking bans in two states are in the news this week. In Ohio, a court upholds the state's ban, but the case is being appealed. And in Illinois, the smoking ban there is being blamed for a drop in the state's rake of gambling revenue. Ohio: State Appeals Court Upholds Smoking Ban In a case that's surely moving up the legal ladder, an appeals court in Ohio has effectively upheld the Buckeye State's smoking ban. In a courtroom in Columbus, the appeals panel reversed a trial court decision … [Read more...]

Smoking Bans: In Effect and Defeated


The Nanny State/PC Patrol wins one, but takes another one on the chin (albeit, temporarily) this week. The talk is of smoking bans in Burlington, VT and Fruita, CO. While the score is tied, the Fruita story is not yet etched in stone. Burlington, VT: Smoking Banned in Public Housing Residents who smoke and live in public housing Burlington, VT are mad that the city's public housing authority has banned smoking--both inside their units and in common areas. The penalty? Potential … [Read more...]

How Do You Say “PC Patrol” in Polish?

Smoking Ban in Poland

Following in the steps of other European countries, the Polish government has instituted a smoking ban in all public places throughout the country. Some there, though, say that the ban might be too harsh. Smoking is now zakazany (in Polish, "forbidden") in places like schools, museums, theatres, airports and railway and bus stations. Also affected are public transport vehicles, stadiums, hospitals and (even) playgrounds. For the all-important question, "What about bars and restaurants?" … [Read more...]

Banning Smoking in Tobacco Shops?


That's what the PC Patrol is up to now; this time, in Minneapolis. The state already has strict anti-smoking laws. Now, the nanny staters want to take away the right to smoke in a place where most people expect they can light up: tobacco shops and tobacconists. Minneapolis' Regulatory, Energy and Environment Committee is asking city council to approve an amendment to the ordinance that regulates tobacco dealers. The proposed amendment includes a new provision that would prohibit indoor use … [Read more...]

PC Patrol Strikes Three Times


Nanny staters in Alabama, Arkansas and South Dakota are either trying to ban smoking, or already have, in various ways. We have details of their efforts in this roundup of PC Patrol activity. We keep watch on the PC Patrol, so you don't have to. South Dakota Latest State to Ban Bar, Restaurant Smoking Cigar-enjoying South Dakotans "celebrated" new statewide anti-smoking laws in the one way they really could-by smoking at their favorite bar or restaurant right up until the ban took … [Read more...]

Santa Clara Co. Wants Residential Smoking Ban


Efforts by Santa Clara County, California to pass what are called some of the strictest anti-smoking laws in the US are being met by the full force of an online petition from the organization Cigar Rights of America. Earlier this week, Santa Clara County supervisors gave their preliminary okay on a myriad of anti-smoking proposals, with most being voted on November 9th. According to the San Jose Mercury News, the proposed laws would: Prohibit smoking in all units of apartments, … [Read more...]

Long Beach, CA Bans Smoking in Parks


Add Long Beach, California to the ever-growing list of municipalities that ban smoking on land owned by taxpayers. The City Council in the town of 492,000 just south of Los Angeles voted to ban smoking in all city parks and recreational areas, including sports fields and hiking trails. The beaches in Long Beach had already become inhospitable towards smokers, thanks to a previous ban by the city. Unlike other bans across the US, this blanket legislation came out of a smaller request. … [Read more...]

Colorado Town Discusses Park Smoking Ban

"Oh my God, they're trying to kill smoking in parks!" "You bastards!"

It's not South Park, the wacky-yet-fictional town where the TV show of the same name is based. But a similar kind of small Colorado city—in terms of size, anyways—is stepping into the big leagues of cities like New York and Cambridge, Massachusetts, in considering a smoking ban for its public parks. The City of Fruita, Colorado, a city of 11,500-plus located 10 northwest of Grand Junction, is famous for its mountain biking and "Mike, the Headless Chicken"—hmmm, this place is sounding a … [Read more...]