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This is the section for cigar-related videos from across the Web. If you've come here from the old Stogie'd TV site, all of the cigar-related videos from there are now here.

The "Stogie'd TV" brand is now being used for Stogie'd-specific programming. To access those videos, look up at the grey section and click on "Stogie'd TV."

Cigar Tobacco: A Video Primer


There's many, many things we really enjoy about the world of premium cigars. One of those things is the painstaking process a cigar goes through ... from the field, to production, to your store, to your humidor. And of course, let's not forget its ultimate disappearing act. So few items are handmade like cigars anymore, that it's a real pleasure to enjoy an item that has had so much human input. It makes one appreciate the fact that cigar making is a true art form. With that in mind, we … [Read more...]

Survivor, and Handmade “Cigars”


The promotional line at YouTube written by an (unknowing?) CBS Promotions Dept. staffer for this video reads: "Rupert gets creative with banana leaves to make an after dinner treat." It's ... not what you think. If it were, it wouldn't be on this site. Rupert Boneham from Survivor: Heroes vs. Villans (not the season that's just starting .. an earlier season) explains how everyone uses banana leaves for a wide variety of tasks and jobs on the island. One thing we weren't expecting? … [Read more...]

Paul Vato Cigars – Las Vegas


When at a casino in Las Vegas, one expects to see a lot of things. We know ... we've been to them, and have seen a lot. One thing we don't expect to see, though, is cigar making. If you head over to Binion's Gambling Hall & Casino, though, you'll be surprised to see a little place called Paul Vato Cigars. From the video, it doesn't look like Vato Cigars has a ton of space. But the rolling that's going on out front will tempt you to go inside to take a peek at their wares. Including their … [Read more...]

Jazzy cigars


It's Friday, and it's also Valentine's Day weekend. With those items in mind, we at Stogie'd decided to serenade you (and a loved one, of course) with a sexy, jazzy song. But not just any song. This song has to do with cigars. Specifically, cheap cigars. Back in 2004, the Kelly Rossum Quintet dropped an album of great jazz tunes, called Renovation. This song is a part of that disc. And it's called "Cheap Cigars." With most jazz tunes, you can't really tell why the artist calls a song … [Read more...]

Cigar Rolling


Rollin', rollin, rollin' ... keep those cigars a rollin' ... One of the big reasons why cigar lovers enjoy premium, hand-made stogies is precisely because of the "hand-made" part. In a world where so much of what we buy, own and even eat is never touched by human hands, it's refreshing to taste and enjoy a product that's made by craftspeople who really know their trade. For cigar geeks like myself, it's even cooler to see a cigar hand-rolled in person. When I had a chance to watch Sam … [Read more...]

Humidors We Love


If there's one thing a cigar lover wants to see, it's a well-stocked humidor. Even better is a display case that is well stocked. That's because it's fun to deplete (and replenish) the inventory. With that in mind, we're going to take a look at the humidors of The Cigar Nut, one of our favorite cigar smokers (and reviewers) out of the Great White North (that's Canada ... although it seems this week that most areas north of the Mason-Dixon line qualify for that name). He's got quite a … [Read more...]

A Look Inside Davidoff’s NYC Store


UPDATED // Not everyone can get to New York City and see one of the best examples around of a cigar shop ... no, let's call it what it is: A cigar experience. We're talking about Davidoff's flagship store on Madison Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. If visiting this store is not already on the bucket list of every cigar connoisseur, it should be. And after watching this video from, I have now officially put it on my list. While the store has plenty of Davidoff cigars on hand, … [Read more...]

Coffee & cigars, part tres

We've been focusing a lot lately on the pairing of coffee and cigars. Two reasons: 1) We like the combo as an alternative to having an "adult beverage" with a stogie; 2) With winter coming on, it makes sense to pair a stick with a warm-to-hot drink. Our favorite on-camera coffee expert, Coffee Kween (a.k.a. Kaye), pairs a La Gloria Cubana Churchill NT (7" x 50) with a nice Vietnamese blend. Sounds delicious ... hope you're gettin' some good jitters as you click Play: For details on the … [Read more...]

Video review: The Dog Walker

Yep, you read that right. I admit I never heard of this Dog Walker stick. But after seeing the Smoking Hot Cigar Chick's take on it, I think I might have to find it for myself. And maybe even review it. You know, to compare notes with the SHCC. Who wouldn't want to compare notes with her? In all seriousness, though, here's an excerpt of how she described it at YouTube: Kurt Kendall's 7-20-4 brand is a name that has been rejuvenated from R.G. Sullivan's famed building on 724 Elm Street in … [Read more...]

Another coffee and cigars video

... that pretty much kicks butt. Because we wouldn't show you just any coffee/cigar video. As the headline says, we've already shown you one video that's coffee-and-cigar related*. Since we just stumbled across this video from our fellow cigar video-types up the virtual road at, we thought we'd show you another great cigar/coffee combo. This video pairs both the La Perle Habana and the Cain with a blend of African, Cameroon and Central American coffees. They're drinking the coffee … [Read more...]