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Could be a screen saver

... this one is so cool. If you like black-and-white video that has that "film" quality, and a jazzy, latin-y sound to your music, then this is the video to both relax to, and to get your taste buds a-waterin'. What's even more cool is that he shot this with a digital camera that shoots stills, although more and more digital cameras are being used as video cameras. Experience the coolness: If you're the photographic or videographic-type like me, here's the specifics about how he shot/edited … [Read more...]

Buying a travel humidor


Here's an area where I admit to being more than a bit ignorant. I have a travel humidor, but it's one of those cheapo things that I know from experience doesn't do a good job of keeping my little babies all moist (but not too much so) and ready to smoke when I'm away from home. So I was happy to stumble across this video: Now I might take the plunge and get a real travel humidor. … [Read more...]

The Governator

... he'll be back .. with a cigar. For those of you who think California Governor and former (current?) actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has abandoned cigars, here's a video shot just last month that proves your thought wrong. We're glad to see that being governor of a namby-pamby Nanny state like California—apologies if you're from California; nothing personally, that's just how we feel about the state as a whole—hasn't softened his love for the stogie. Although it looks like he's softened in … [Read more...]

World's longest cigar

Now here's a cigar that really puts other stogies in their place. I thought I had seen everything lately in the cigar stores and tobacconists I've visited as of late. Then, this video comes along and puts everything I've viewed to shame. To. Shame. Straight from the world's cigar capital of Havana (don't get ticked off, Tampa; I said "world"), here's the story of a simple cigar roller ... and his 45-foot long cigar. … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

We tried really, really hard to find a good video that somehow combined Thanksgiving and cigars. We failed at the "good" part, but we did find something that's ... um ... interesting ... ? Don't let this guy's low-tooth count scare you away from watching this video. (... and yes, we know Halloween was last month.) This was originally a placeholder video we had as our Spotlight Video over Thanksgiving weekend, because we took it off. Our intent was to get rid of it completely when we got back. … [Read more...]

Tatuaje talkin'

People like you must wonder why there's so much friggin' YouTube here at Stogie'd TV. That's because we're usually at YouTube when stumble across gems like this video. This is's Gary J. Arzt talking with Tatuaje Cigars' Pete Johnson. I think they're supposed to be talking about cigars, but there's a lot of movie talk goin' on here, too. Arzt says he wants to talk about things on a more-sophisticated level. Gary, take our advice: These videos are already great. Don't change a … [Read more...]

Cigar rolling

It's about time someone got rolled ... again ... here at Stogie'd TV. As in, the roll of a cigar. We've seen some rollers already through these virtual doors; most recently, Sam Leccia of Cain / NUb cigar fame. He's definitely a "new roller," though .. not that there's anything wrong with that. Here's Orlando, another "new roller," at Chinook Cellars Cigars. Orlando, though, is a Master Roller. Glad to see that young people like both Orlando and Sam are carrying on a very old … [Read more...]

Cigars and scotch

Cigars …. mmmm, good. Some kind of drink to go with the stogies? Even better. While the type of drink you consume with your cigar doesn't have to contain alcohol, there's a lot of choices in the world of adult beverages ... bourbon, beer, coffee, tequila, and even high-quality H2O (to quote The Waterboy). One of the best libations, though, is scotch whiskey. Pairing a great stogie with a fantastic scotch can send the ordinary cigar lover into taste-bud heaven. That's why we like this video … [Read more...]

Reintroducing: the pipe

As you can imply from the name "Stogie'd," we're usually all about the tobacco leaves that get wrapped into a delicious smoke. But what about the chopped stuff you put in a combustion chamber for enjoyment? That's right, we're talking about pipes. Personally, I think the scent of the smoke they throw off is way too powerful for most people; that's why I've never tried one. This guy, though, is reintroducing himself to the pipe, after laying off of it for a spell: Maybe next time he'll get … [Read more...]

Review: Padron 1964 Anniversary Series

Okay, raise your hand if you were around in 1964. I can't say that, actually, as I came into this world a year later. But these cigars started their journey towards your tobacconist's shelves more than 45 years ago. So they better be good, right? Well, here's one man's view of this stick (Size: 6 1/2" x 42 , about $10/each): Do you agree with the review? Is there just ... something ... about a stick like this? Chat it up in the comments section. … [Read more...]