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Feature stories from Stogie'd staff and contributors.

Cigar Photography: You Can Almost …


... touch 'em? Maybe even .. smoke 'em? That's the whole idea behind cigar photography: To bring forth images in a two dimensional way that will make you want to experience the cigars in questions in full 3D, as well as with all of your senses. I recently found two Websites that do all of that, and do it very well. After seeing the stogies on these sites, you'll want to run out to your local tobacco store and buy 'em all. Our first site has a name that ... well, let's just … [Read more...]

Books for the Cigar Library


When it comes to having access to cigar information for some, either the Internet either just won't do, or it takes a backseat to the good ol' fashioned book. Understandable, considering that enjoying a stick is a textural experience as much as a visual, which is also the description of reading a book. With that in mind ... There are a number of excellent books for cigar enthusiasts. Whether a novice or a seasoned cigar pro, there are informative and beautiful books that any stogie hobbyist … [Read more...]

Stand-out Maduros


Sometimes, not just any cigar will do. Sometimes ... it's just gotta be a cigar in a maduro wrapper. Freelance writer Kieth Lewis brings us all of the different tastes a maduro can have — no, they don't have to be heavy — as well as some notable sticks. Dark cigars have made a comeback in recent years. Of course, serious cigar lovers have always enjoyed maduros, which come in rich deep brown or even black wrappers. But the novice cigar smoker should not assume that darker wrappers mean … [Read more...]

#cigarrights – Tweeting the Insanity


It's a Twitter hashtag* whose time has finally come ... to be used much more widely than it is now. Why? Simple: This. Is. War. The hashtag we're talking about #cigarrights. The reason why we're pushing it so hard now is because of a certain little ban that was voted in this week by a certain megametropolis on the east coast of the U.S. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg already declared war on tobacco, a perfectly legal product, when he first implemented the city's smoking ban in 2003. … [Read more...]

Cigars: More than Just a Stick

Cigar in Ashtray (Generic)

Why is it that cigar enthusiasts break out into a big smile, whenever you mention "cigars" to them? It's because cigars usually mean a lot more to them than just a stick of wrapped tobacco. For his first blog post here at Stogie'd, Kevin Schuetz takes us back to his first cigar, and shares the reasons why he likes not only cigars themselves, but what they represent to him. … [Read more...]

Terrorism Drying Up U.S. Cuban Cigar Supply

Cubans: Seizures

Just in time for the holidays. The recent seizures by U.S. Customs officials of 100,000 actual and suspected Cuban cigars at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport may effectively close one of the easier, yet illegal and illicit, routes to bring habanos into the U.S. ... and even have them delivered to one's door. Customs and Border Protection’s Chicago field office seized the large amount of the prized stogies last month. The cigars came into the U.S. through O'Hare mainly as parts of … [Read more...]

Cigar Christmas Gift Tips, Part II

graphic of Cigar Christmas Gift Buying Tips

Maybe you've seen Part I of our Cigar Christmas Buying Tips for neophytes series, and you want more. Since we're giving people and it's that time of the year, here's Part II, which deals with cigar accessories and the question of buying online versus from a local cigar shop. … [Read more...]

Cigar Christmas Gift Tips, Part I

graphic of Cigar Christmas Gift Buying Tips

You want to buy the cigar lover in your life a great Christmas present. When it comes to matters relating to the stogie, though, you're the first to admit you have no idea what you're doing. We're here to help! … [Read more...]

12 Days of Cigar Christmas … Ideas?

12 Days of Stogie'd Christmas .. Ideas?

(UPDATED 12/08/2010 with easier format for suggestions) We're launching a feature this year that we hope becomes an annual tradition: The 12 Days of Cigar Christmas. It's really a gift guide. And we need your help; mainly, we need ideas to fill those 12 days. We've also made a few changes to the format, after realizing that we'd be killing ourselves trying to fulfill what we set out to do with the original plan. This should make it easier for people to make suggestions, too. So if you said "I … [Read more...]

Video(-less) Review: NUb Habano

The Stogie'd "No Video" Review

It's a cigar that is supposed to hit its "sweet spot" pretty much right after lighting, and continue it throughout the cigar. Does the NUb Maduro live up to its promise? And does this diminutive stogie keep up with its much-larger cousins in the world of cigars? We'll find out in this week's Video(-less) Review. First off, for the record: I really, really like this full-bodied stick. Second: Every NUb I've ever had fulfills the whole "sweet spot" promise ... at least through about two-thirds … [Read more...]