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Smoking Bans a Mixed Bag For All

A generic news graphic of smoking bans, with a cigar.

When it comes to smoking bans, there are no true winners or losers. Stogie'd takes a look at several bans across the U.S. and the world, and see the effects through the "eyes" of  news organizations in the affected areas. Smoking complaints down in the Badger State Complaints about smoking in Wisconsin have steadily decreased, since the state enacted a smoking ban in the Badger State last July. In the law's first month of enforcement, 205 complaints were filed. The number dropped 62 percent, … [Read more...]

The Startling Popularity Of Cigars

Smoking cigar lounges for cigar lovers and cigar connoisseurs

We are always encouraged by the presence of cigar lounges, especially in localities where indoor smoking in bars, restaurants and other publicly accessible places is banned. That being said, we are worried about the latest efforts across the country (and the world) by the Nanny State and PC Patrol to ban these last havens for cigar lovers to congregate and enjoy the camaraderie present in such gatherings. This article looks at the growth of cigar lounges, and why they're so popular among … [Read more...]

Cigars 201: Storing Your Stogies

Cigars 201, cigar lessons and education from Stogie'd

When it comes to storing your cigars, what do you use? A humidor is somewhat assumed, but what about a cigar tube? And what happens when you have a cigar that's not properly stored? That and more in today's Cigars 201 lesson. Take notes; this will be on the final. Let's say you want to store some quality cigars over a period of time. Can you store a cigar? How long does it stay good? Where do you begin? It really depends on your primary method of storage. If you have a cigar humidor that … [Read more...]

Life, Living … and Love for a Dog


Sometimes the stories that make the biggest impact are personal in nature. This is a story from my life, and the "cigar" angle is just a part of a much-bigger story. I hope you don't mind me stealing this little bit of time. Writing it was both heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time, and I hope it can help someone else going through a similar time in their life. ¶ The most significant reason why I like cigars is because they offer an escape from life for a short period of time. At the … [Read more...]

Walking for Cubans in London

James J Fox Cigar Merchant on the London Cuban Cigar Walk

Next time you're in the global city of London, you won't have to walk very far to purchase some of Cuba's finest cigars. All it'll take is 60 minutes of walking, and access to a taxi or London's Underground (subway) to get to the starting point. This isn't some kind of bizarre cigar-fueled 5K fun walk for charity (although I'd be up for something like that). We're talking about the Cuban Cigar Walk London, an audio-guided walking tour by Cities in Sound. According to the company's … [Read more...]

Cigars 201: Air Purifiers

Air Cleaner and Purifier for Indoor Cigar Smoking

Today's Cigars 201 lesson is on air purifiers. Take notes, if you want to keep your sanity in your own home. If you wish to smoke indoors at, say, your house, and you want to ensure domestic tranquility among other members of your household, you may want to think about buying an air cleaner/purifier. Air purifiers are electric machines that are used to eliminate harmful particles or contaminants from the air.  Different types of cleaning units use different processes to achieve their … [Read more...]

Worst Week Ever for Cigars?

Litto Gomez and Cigar Aficionado Smoking Ad

With more liberty-stealing, onerous legislation being proposed in the largest US city, one voice is shouting out loud to "stop the madness!" That's this week's Impact story. ¶ Normally, I wouldn't make such a dire pronouncement about the state of cigar-lifestyle affairs. But considering the breadth of the specific action that happened, and the implications of what happened, I'm thinking it's really time to raise the alarm. New York City: Land of the Smokeless Late last week, New York City … [Read more...]

Cigar Smoking Returning to Airports?

Graycliff Divans, or Smoking Lounges, at Airports

If one cigar manufacturer has its way, weary travelers will be able to light, puff and rotate a cigar inside one of the bastions of anti-smoking fervor: the airport. In a larger story about amenities in airports, USA Today reports that Bahamas-based Graycliff Cigars wants to bring cigar lounges to several unnamed US airports. The matter was first brought up at an annual conference of airport officials. The company has already opened lounges—Graycliff calls them "divans"—in two … [Read more...]

Cigars 201: Pairing Stogies and Alcohol


A good, deep red wine. A single-malt. A great rum. A tawny port. A lot of people like to drink many, many different types of adult beverages with their cigars. Here's a look at some of them, including one that might not be on everyone's list, in this week's Cigars 201: The cigar has long been viewed as a luxury of the rich and powerful. Images of well-to-do men puffing on a stogie and swirling a glass of good brandy have been well documented and memorialized in films and TV. If you are … [Read more...]

Review: Brick House Robusto

Brickhouse Cigars photo

The Brick House was supposed to be the subject of our first video review at Stogie'd. Unfortunately, though, it's not gonna happen. The video, I mean ... not the actual review. I've had a head cold that has lasted for days and would undoubtedly affect any on-camera cigar tasting I'd perform. Since I didn't record it before this cold started and I was on deadline, you're getting this text-only review instead. I've had enough Brick Houses, though, to "taste" from memory. For our first full … [Read more...]