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On Indefinite Hiatus


It is with a very heavy heart that I have to put an end to my participation in this Web brand and network of Websites. When I started this effort last September, I had visions of making it into a full social network for both cigar lovers and those involved in the industry. That didn't work ... oh well. But through the use of this blog, some important underlying technologies, great search-engine optimization, videos about cigars and booze, and sweepstakes/giveaways, I was able to quickly … [Read more...]

Ratings? Si. Points? No Mas.


We've been making significant changes to our weekly(ish) video cigar review show at Stogie'd. We've gotten better graphics, bought a real music package, gone HD and shortened the length of the episodes by cutting out parts of the review. Now, though, it's time to cross a line I've been thinking about stepping over for quite awhile now: Dropping the points system altogether from the reviews. While I have specific reasons why I'm dropping them, I'll first let you know why this is happening now … [Read more...]

Puff, Rotate & Review Ratings


After months of tinkering, the scoring process for the newly renamed Puff, Rotate & Review show has finally been locked down. With these final changes, it's going to be easier than ever to follow along — promise! A lot of the actual "scoring" portions of the review show have been eliminated, mainly because we didn't think they should influence the actual score of the cigar we're reviewing. They were also kinda dumb. From here on out, we're only putting a number "score" to the … [Read more...]

The Cigar Community .. A Great Place to Be


I just wanted to quickly thank everyone who sent messages on Twitter, emailed, etc., about the recent loss in my family. My wife and I really appreciated hearing from everyone with whom I've formed relationships, as this Web venture really gets moving. I had lots of reasons for starting The Stogie'd Network, many of them business-related. Just as big of an inducement to get this whole venture rolling, though, has to do with the cigar community as a whole. Whenever you put a bunch of cigar … [Read more...]

I’m Sick, and Don’t Want Cigars …


... so leave me the frig alone. Why is it that people want to exploit your pain for their own pleasure? It's a perverse form of schadenfreude, that's what it is. And it pretty much sucks—except for when I'm in charge of the exploitation, of course. Then it's cool and I'm adored by people worldwide for doing so. But back to the subject at hand. Let's apply schadenfreude² (squared) to the subject of smoking cigars ... and head colds. Right now, I've got a mother of the latter ... and … [Read more...]

Yeah, I’m Smokin’ a Cigar .. So What?


It happened again. And it's really beginning to tick me off. I'm driving around my town, which is a great place to live. Unfortunately, it's populated with a bunch of ... what's the word for them anymore? ... oh yeah ... progressives. Too bad they're not progressive when it comes to the rights of those who choose to smoke cigars. I won't bore you with details; suffice it to say, a lot of the people around here would love it if the concept of the cigar (and cigarettes) were wiped off the … [Read more...]