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This section is the home of the Stogie'd TV programs Puff, Rotate & Review; Cigar Stuff; Herf Trip; and Cuttin' Thru the Blue Smoke.
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Video Review: Chateau Fuente KingB

logo - Puff, Rotate and Review

We've had a lot of success with the cigars produced by the Arturo Fuente family on Puff, Rotate & Review. Not only have we loved the ones in the past that we've had, but they've always attract a lot of attention ... especially for the giveaway we conduct with each of our PR&R episodes. How popular are they? When we reviewed the OpusX Shark in January, the related giveaway had the most entries ever for one of our sweepstakes. The discussion surrounding this stick was very spirited, … [Read more...]

Video Review: Frank Llaneza 1961

logo - Puff, Rotate and Review

The Frank Llaneza 1961 line came out about two years ago. But it's one of those cigars that doesn't get enough coverage nowadays in the cigar press and blogosphere, so we decided to give it a taste in this week's episode of Puff, Rotate and Review. Llaneza died in 2010 (although some of the promotional material I've seen at some Websites doesn't make that fact so clear). But he leaves behind a cigar that does his legacy proud. The stick itself is impressive, too: a very, very dark … [Read more...]

Video Review: E.P. Carrillo Core Line

logo - Puff, Rotate and Review

For the first episode of our newly (and permanently) retitled Puff, Rotate & Review show, we wanted to kick it off with a real bang. Enter Ernesto Perez Carrillo and his knockdown line of E.P. Carrillo cigars. Let's just say they ushered in the change with taste ... literally. You may recognize Carrillo's name from his former company, La Gloria Cubana. He sold La Gloria in 1999 to Swedish Match AB, and left the company a couple of years ago to start his own cigar company. While La Gloria … [Read more...]

Video Review: OpusX Perfecxion #77 Shark


For our first video review of 2011, we decided to go upscale with a cigar that has "celebration" written all over it: the Fuente Fuente OpusX Perfecxion #77 Shark. Or what we'll simply call the OpusX Shark ('cause everyone else does). Does the line deserve its stellar reputation? Is the Shark OpusX-worthy? We have more in this video review. By the way, we paired this stick with Tuthilltown Spirit's Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey ... a libation we've already reviewed here (and loved) at … [Read more...]

Video Review: Warlock by Altadis


It was only a matter of time before the "big boys" in the world of tobacco started getting into the boutique-cigar segment. One of the latest entrants is giant Altadis U.S.A. A few months back, the manufacturer rolled out a new stogie line, called Warlock Cigars by Altadis. The sticks are made by well-known cigar maker Omar Ortez in Nicaragua for Altadis. As you can imagine, the launch of the cigar was surrounded by a lot of news coverage. Anthony Lund (@tajlund) nominated the Warlock via … [Read more...]

Video Review: Alec Bradley Family Blend


At holiday time, peoples' thoughts usually turn to family. So did ours; in terms of cigars, anyways. While we can't say that's the reason why we chose this cigar (it was actually chosen for us, in one of our two giveaways), it was an inspired choice, given the season. Also making it a great choice? The fact that Cigar Aficionado magazine gave it a 94. A 94! That's a score you usually see cubanos getting. We're talking about the Alec Bradley Family Blend cigar; specifically, the T11 brand. … [Read more...]

Video Review: Arturo Fuente Magnum R


We may catch a little heat for this review. Not because of what we say about the cigar, but because of our handling of the name of this particular brand in the Arturo Fuente family. You see, most people know and recognize the stick I reviewed this week as the Rosado Gran Reserva. But when I went to the site late last week for my research, this line was called the "Magnum R." Being a journalistic stickler for this kind of thing, I mainly called it the Magnum R in the video. I might have … [Read more...]

Video Review: CAO La Traviata


I'm not sure if there's anything more sad than a perfectly good cigar that does not get smoked during a video review shoot. Yet that's exactly what happened here. Your intrepid cigar reviewer has a bad head cold, along with strep throat and one or two other nasty things. To say that I don't want a cigar is the very definition of understatement. I had originally planned on reviewing the NUb Habano this week, with the CAO La Traviata coming next week. But I had pre-tested the CAO just before … [Read more...]

Video Review: Room101 Robusto


This week we're trying a cigar that got a bit maligned when it first came out. We think it got dissed because of overly-high expectations; this cigar should be judged on its own. Room101 is a joint effort between Los Angeles-based jewelry designer Matt Booth and the folks at Camacho Cigars. The cigar was unveiled at last year's IPCPR 2009 show, and was met with decidedly mixed reviews. That's too bad, because we found this stick to be quite enjoyable, especially with a Samuel Adams Winter … [Read more...]

Sam Leccia Rolls Stogies; Leaving Oliva Cigars


In this On-The-Road video report, Stogie'd hits the trail to meet up with Sam Leccia and the Cain F Tour, following the news that Leccia is leaving Oliva Cigars for parts unknown. … [Read more...]